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   Chapter 2344 The Destruction Of The Unworldly Sect

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"Start the Sect-protecting Array!"

ordered the sect leader of the Unworldly Sect.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Instantly, Unworldly Sect's headquarters emitted white energy columns.

Each of these energy columns was about ten meters in diameter.

The white energy columns interwove swiftly till they formed a big array that encased the headquarters of the Unworldly Sect.

"Austin, you are now the sworn enemy of our Unworldly Sect!"

Sheltered by the Sect-protecting Array, the sect leader of the Unworldly Sect felt confident enough to declare Austin as their enemy.

A faint smile danced on Austin's lips as he evaluated the Sect-protecting Array of the Unworldly Sect.

Earlier, Austin had decided to eliminate all sects that had defected to the evil forces.

"Ha-ha! Do you think that you can save the Unworldly Sect with such an array?"

Austin looked up and sneered at the sect leader of the Unworldly Sect, who was still standing in the array.


"Destroy it!"

Austin shouted with a wave of his hand.

All of a sudden, the forces within the world rushed toward the Unworldly Sect's headquarters.

The terrible energy they carried was transformed into various types of beasts, including dragons, phoenixes, tigers, and even lions.

Some of this energy also morphed into weapons like knives, swords, spears, halberds, and so on.

The energy rushed toward the Sect-protecting Array of the Unworldly Sect.

At the same time, Austin used his mind to direct

the Fire Stela within his body to attack the Sect-protecting Array. The Fire Stela rushed out and emitted thousands of golden radiance that smashed into the Sect-protecting Array.

The Fire Stela was a secret weapon with terrifying power.

Simultaneously, the demonic avatar also targeted the Sect-protecting Array with the Diabolic Killing Needle.


In less than five seconds, to the astonishment of the disciples of the Unworldly Sect, the Sect-protecting Array exploded into spots of white light that began drifting in the sky. At last, it disappeared.

Terror was written all over their faces.

Austin and the demonic avatar entered the Unworldly Sect's headquarters after the destruction of the Sect-protecting Array.

"I'm going to kill you, Austin!"

"Austin, don't push us too far!"

"Kill him!"

"I don't believe that so many of our disciples can't defeat one enemy!"

Upon seeing this, all the members of the Unworldly Sect pounced on Austin. Their eyes had turned red with the rage that was coursing through them.

Austin had shown the terrifying nature of his fighting power.

However, the Unworldly Sect was considered one of the most powerful sects in the Divine Continent.

All members of the Unworldly Sect were respected across the Divine Continent.

But now, a young man had single-handedly broken the Sect-protecting Array and rushed into the Unworldly Sect's headquarters.

Provoked by Austin's actions, all members of the Unworldly

apitalized on space-time law.

It was different from the real passageway in the real world.

Only by breaking the barrier between the two worlds and building a real passageway of the real world could the strong beings cross over.

After Austin checked the dark altar and the space-time passageway above it, he stretched out his hand.

The mighty energy dragon instantly destroyed the dark altar and the space-time passageway.

"Now, it's time for the Black Inferno Sect to burn,"

Austin murmured as he glanced in the direction of the Black Inferno Sect's headquarters.

This time, the Unworldly Sect, the Black Inferno Sect, the Nether Sect, and the Yuwen Clan had allied with the evil forces.

Austin would not spare any of them.

He had seen that the Divine Continent was in a terrible situation as these sects had betrayed it by conspiring with evil forces.

In a flash, Austin arrived in the sky above the headquarters of the Black Inferno Sect.

This time, he didn't speak.

Instead, he summoned his demonic avatar and invaded.

Immediately, the air was filled with the sounds of their fighting. The earth shook and the sun seemed to disappear behind a massive cloud of smoke. The whole headquarters of the Black Inferno Sect was in an uproar.

An hour later, Austin had destroyed the Black Inferno Sect!

As with the Unworldly Sect, Austin proceeded to seize all of Black Inferno Sect's treasures.

Then, he calmly left the Black Inferno Sect's headquarters and headed for the Nether Sect.

This day

was destined to be the darkest day in the history of the Divine Continent.

The Unworldly Sect, the Black Inferno Sect, the Nether Sect, and the Yuwen Clan had been exterminated.

Dead bodies piled up like mountains, and blood flowed like rivers in each of the four sect's headquarters.

And Austin managed all this single-handedly!

News of Austin's destruction spread like wildfire.

Everyone in the Middle Pilgrim Land was shocked.

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