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   Chapter 2342 Killing The Great Masters At The Immortal Transforming Realm

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As the masters cowered in fear, violent dragons set off several thunderbolts and rushed at Elder Saul and his equally powerful companions. They had no hope of fighting this power.

The dragons were made of pure energy of the heaven and earth, condensed out of the Divine Continent.

They represented the will of the Divine Continent.

These great masters, including Elder Saul, had defected towards evil forces from a foreign world and plotted against this one.

Which meant the continent was incredibly angry with them and hated them with its very core.

The masters were locked into a fierce battle very soon.

In the face of several terrifying waves of energy that kept pouring in from all around them, even these powerful cultivators began to panic. Everything they had, they gave just to survive.

"Austin! If you dare to kill me, the Unworldly Sect is going to hunt you for the rest of your miserable life!"

Elder Saul shouted as he deftly fended off a bolt of lightning.

"Ha-ha! Hollow words! I am going to eradicate the very name of Unworldly Sect from the face of this world.

In fact, let me start with you!"

Austin sneered.

Then, along with the dragons, Austin strode out too with his demonic avatar and directly arrived at the side of Elder Saul.


When he saw Austin appearing by his side, Elder Saul opened his eyes wide and a murderous will surged inside them.

Although he was trapped here, Elder Saul still hadn't lost his pride. He roared and attacked his enemy.

With a wave of his hand, a strong law power that he had comprehended in secret surged towards Austin. Saul was planning on using it to lock Austin and kill him by hand.

Austin merely stood in front of him in response; a cold smile on his face and no signs of dodging.

All kinds of law power Saul could display enveloped Austin.

However, the man sensed that Austin had not been affected in the slightest.

"Dumbo! I'm the master of this world, and you are trying to use its law power to fight me. You really are an imbecile!

You, Saul, have betrayed the Divine Continent and joined hands with alien evil creatures! Go to hell!"

Austin sneered.

As soon as he finished his words, the demonic avatar behind him used the tabooed magic spell and runes rained down.

In an instant, their bewitching swarm appeared like a school of fish swimming in the deep sea, surrounding Elder Saul.

The next moment, Saul's body was sealed and he found himse

ing them all so fast.

He seemed to have done that in a flash!"

Sandro, the dean of the Blue Dragon School, looked at Austin and smiled bitterly.

Indeed, those masters who had just died were born and raised on the Divine Continent. They were well known and had been cultivating for more than a hundred thousand years.

There had been less than twenty such masters on the whole continent like them till now.

Obviously, they were all very familiar with each other and often saw each other. They knew each other's powers to quite some extent.

Which meant that it would have been difficult for Sandro and Anderson to fight these masters, for the old time's sake whatsoever.

However, Austin was resolute and merciless.

"Ha-ha, maybe this lad is the one who should make the big move.

We are getting old."

Anderson, who was standing beside Sandro, shook his head with a soft smile and told his friend.

The Unworldly Sect, the Nether Sect, the Black Inferno Sect, the Yuwen Clan...

After killing the traitors, Austin glanced at the Middle Pilgrim Land coldly.

"The Divine Continent will not tolerate such betrayal.

There's no need for any of these sects to exist!"

Austin's eyes blazed with a killing intent.

Then, together with his demonic avatar, Austin stepped forward.

In an instant, he had traveled over a million miles and arrived right above the headquarters of the Unworldly Sect.

"Let's start with the Unworldly Sect."

Austin looked down at the landscape beneath him that was enveloped in thick spiritual energy.

It had to be said that this was indeed a first-class sacred place for cultivation.

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