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   Chapter 2337 The Attack

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As soon as Austin entered the Divine Continent, he saw streaks of thick dark light bursting out from different places.

There seemed to be tens of millions of them around.

What was worse, each of these dark lights was radiating a strong aura of evil.

These lights were constantly intertwining in the sky and slowly forming an array.


In response to these alien lights, the mountains, the rivers, the earth, and the sky of the Divine Continent were all roaring at the same time.

The evil array that was forming was giving off such a powerful evil aura that it was strongly rejected by the Divine Continent.

Without any hesitation, Austin headed straight to where the Protector of the Divine Continent was.

With the help of the original energy essence in his body, Austin could clearly perceive the location of the said Protector.

As he traveled, he sent messages to all the great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm he knew with his spiritual sense.

He informed them about the current situation in great detail.

After a while, he arrived in the Middle Pilgrim Land of the Divine Continent.

In the Middle Pilgrim Land, there was a mountain named the Heavenly Wind Mountain.

It was the core of the Divine Continent.

For a long time, the original energy essence of the Divine Continent had been hiding underneath the Heavenly Wind Mountain.

But now, this essence had been refined by a Protector and integrated into his body.

At this moment, the Protector was in the sky above the Heavenly Wind Mountain.

There was a tall foreign demon standing beside him.


Now that you're the chief of the Divine Continent, order it to accept the evil array,"

the foreign demon said.

"Yes, master,"

the Protector immediately replied.

"Now listen to me.

The Divine Continent..."

The Protector was about to command an order when a red light suddenly flashed.


The shadow of a giant red demonic mouse rushed out of nowhere and dashed wildly toward the Protector.

The sky shook and a strong murderous aura rolled over the mountain.

Austin was now at the premium stage of Heavenly Grot

bolic Killing Needle and transformed it into a thick black stick before throwing it at the foreign demon.

"The Diabolic Killing Needle!

It is the holy treasure that my race lost.

Ha-ha, that's great!

I can't believe that the holy treasure of our land will return today..."

The foreign demon was overjoyed when he saw the Diabolic Killing Needle.

"Traitor, go to hell!"

Austin ignored the demon and went straight for the Protector.


His Spiritual Pot surged out and attacked the Soul Sea of the Protector.


Five lines of sword light merged into a powerful array and also moved toward him.

At the same time, a golden Arhat appeared.

Austin was now performing the Eighteen Arhat Formula, which made him look dignified and awe-inspiring. In fact, it looked as if Buddha himself had come to save all the living beings.

At the same time, a huge tripod appeared from the sky, rumbling and shaking the whole space.

Austin spared no effort to use all kinds of powerful secret skills.

Now that he was at the premium stage of Heavenly Grotto Realm, he could use these unique skills to an excellent degree. Their power was more than ten times stronger than before!

Instantly, the space trembled and the violent energy swept everywhere like a tsunami.

"Austin, you can't kill me here on the Divine Continent.

Instead, I'm going to kill you!"

the Protector said and laughed fearlessly.

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