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   Chapter 2336 The Continuous Traitorous Actions

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"Yes! It's me.

I didn't expect that we would meet again after so many years,"

the Black Evil Lord said with a laugh.

"Humph! I thought you were beaten to death that year.

I can't believe you are still alive.

Anyway, even if you didn't die, you should have stayed in your place.

How dare you come to Immortal End World to ask for death?"

Master Kevin said coldly.

These words immediately made the Black Evil Lord think of the past when he had almost been killed by Master Kevin, so he roared angrily, "Old man, you're the one who will die this time!

Not only you, but all the low living beings in the Immortal End World will also die.

The doomsday of your Immortal End World is arriving!


Let me tell you what's going to happen.

Our foreign forces have gone all out to break the seal of the Immortal End World. The day when the seal is broken will be the day of your death!"

After announcing his plan, the Black Evil Lord laughed menacingly.

"Humph! As long as I'm here, no one can destroy Immortal End World!

Get out of here right now, otherwise, I will not spare you!

Even though you're just an avatar sent here and I can't kill the the real you, it will still take at least hundreds of years to reshape another avatar if I destroy it," Master Kevin threatened.

However, as he looked around at Tune World, which was covered by the evil array, he couldn't help but feel anxious.

Needless to say, tremendous changes were taking place inside Tune World.

The creatures on Tune World were undoubtedly being forced to surrender to the evil beasts. If they refused to do so, there would definitely be a massacre.

As if he could read Master Kevin's mind, the Black Evil Lord laughed and said, "Kevin, this big array is called the Black Demon Array. It's the top array in our Demon Abyss World.

Now, the Black Demon Array had been closely integrated with the entire Tune World continent.

If you were still strong, you could have cracked it.

But now, with your broken body and weak power, there's no way you can break this array.

Just give up.

Tune World will be a territory of our Evil Abyss World from now on!


Master Kevin's face darkened upon hearing these words.

With a sudden movem

side him.

Austin was taken aback by what he had seen.

Needless to ask, this Protector must have betrayed the Immortal End World and colluded with a foreign demon as well!

Austin knew that it wouldn't be long before the Divine Continent underwent a drastic change.

"No way!

I have to stop this!"

Austin gritted his teeth.

In the Divine Continent there was the Flame Holy Land as well as a space passage that led to the Prime Martial World.

Most of the people that Austin cared about, his family and friends, were in these two places.

If the Divine Continent fell into the control of foreign demons, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Without stopping to even think about it, he decided to head toward the Divine Continent.

With one step, he reached the edge of Vermilion World.

"As the master of Vermilion World, I order this whole continent to give me infinite power!"

Austin said.

With that, the energy in Vermilion World surged into Austin's body.

Austin roared in determination. With the help of the energy bestowed upon him by the whole Vermilion World continent, he instantly tore through the void and flew to the Divine Continent.

As the owner of the Vermilion World continent, Austin was able to borrow an amount of power that was much higher than that of a cultivator at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

So, it was not at all a problem for him to travel between two different worlds.

A moment later, Austin successfully entered the Divine Continent.

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