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   Chapter 2335 The Black Evil Lord

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8294

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The Tune World was a part of the Immortal End World.

Since the Immortal End World was a land filled with positive immortal energy, it was protected by an inherent power to resist foreign evil beings.

At this moment, thousands of identical black altars were spraying thick black smoke  into the sky. It created eerie black lights that covered every corner of the Tune World.

A huge evil array that covered the entire continent had started to form, and it sent out negative energy across the atmosphere.

At the same time, the power of both the heaven and earth in the Tune World had also gathered together and formed a strong power of rejection. An assembly of strong positive energy detonated at the huge evil array that was forming.

Black-colored crystals rained down from the sky. The sky roared with thunder as the wind slammed against the mountains and knocked down trees. The earth shook and giant waves crashed into the mainland like giant a tsunami.

With the strong repulsion power of both heaven and earth in the Tune World, the huge evil array that was trying to form above the world struggled to gain strength and power.

"Hurry! As the chief of the world, you need to order the will of the heaven and earth to accept the existence of the evil array!

Otherwise, our previous efforts will all go to waste!"

the foreign devil ordered Fabian.

"Yes, master!"

Fabian closed his eyes and communicated with the will of the heaven and earth, "The Tune World, I command you to follow my orders. From now on, we will open our home to the foreign evil demons and be in harmony with them!"

Fabian said in a low voice as he made countless gestures with his hands.

The voice came from his soul and it spread throughout every corner of this world.

The will of the heaven and earth in the Tune World struggled against the evil array as Fabian continued to give orders.

But in the end, it gave in.

The entire Tune World trembled violently as black, eerie mist floated in the air. Water from the rivers turned black while the mountains and the soil that covered the ground became filthy and threatening.

What used to be a calm wind transformed into the black wind and the black thunder appeared from behind the clouds. The grass and the trees withered and the surrounding turned hostile as everything became tainted with the evil energy.

Everything in the entire Tune World, the sky, the earth seemed to have lost its will and submitted to the

r towards the direction of the evil array.


High above the clouds, the huge evil array that had covered the Tune World shook.

Before long, streaks of black light bolted out of the evil array. Giant firebolts ripped across the sky and rained down on the people who were protesting.


Endless screams filled the surrounding and countless warriors fell on the ground, lifeless.

Blood and mangled bodies covered the ground.

No one could escape the attack or was strong enough to fight it. Truly, the entire Tune World was now completely under the control of the evil array.


I won't mind killing all of you!

Now answer me once again. Submit to me, or die?"

the wicked foreign evil demon asked in an arrogant tone.

"This is unacceptable. Fabian, the Wang Clan, I will not let you get away with this,"

Austin murmured to himself. He was in the Vermilion World, but he could perceive everything that was happening in the Tune World!

Austin's eyes burned with hatred and his mind brimmed with murderous thoughts.

At this moment, a figure with a powerful aura arrived at the edge of the Tune World

It was Master Kevin.

Just as he was about to enter the Tune World, a loud explosion was heard.


Endless evil aura followed the blast and covered the edge of the Tune World.

An enormous evil array appeared in front of him and completely sealed off the entrance to the Tune World.


Kevin, long time no see,"

a tall, fierce man greeted Master Kevin as he appeared in the evil array.

"It's you! Black Evil Lord!"

Kevin stared at the foreign evil demon in surprise.

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