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   Chapter 2333 Betrayal

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Austin continued his work.

Soon after, he began to sense the original energy essence of more continents.

Although the clouds of original energy essence were far away in outer space, Austin could still sense them.

He guessed that he had a close spiritual connection with the original energy essence of other continents as he had already integrated with the original energy essence of the Vermilion World.

The original energy essence of the Vermilion World was the one and only energy essence of the ancient Immortal End Continent;

the rest 43 clouds of energy essence they were working on now all used to be parts of the original one.

"It looks like no one except me has refined the original energy essence,"

Austin said to Kevin after opening his eyes.

"Do you think it's easy to refine the original energy essence of a continent?

You were able to do it so quickly because you are really special.

The quality of your vital energy is amazingly high, and you even created 360 grottoes at once.

Besides, even though you are just at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, your spiritual sense is as powerful as that of the Immortal Transforming Realm cultivators.

You know what? Your soul seems very powerful.

In fact, with your talent, I estimate that as long as you don't give up cultivating or die, you will become an immortal king in the future,"

Kevin said, staring at Austin with appreciation.

"Ha-ha, I'm flattered, sir."

Austin felt a little embarrassed by his gaze.

"From now on, you should keep a close eye on the original energy essences of the other 43 continents. If possible, you'd better bring them closer.

After the other 43 Protectors are done refining, we will accomplish a feat: merging the 44 independent continents into one,"

Kevin said expectantly, excitement filling his voice.

He had devoted a lot of time and effort in preparation for this day.

After all, his lifetime goal was to merge the 44 continents of the Immortal End World back into one.

Austin was stunned upon hearing these words, but before he could reply, Kevin continued, "All right, since you have succeeded, I'm going to check on the other Protectors."

With that, he disappeared in a flash.

Now that he was alone again, Austin found himself a quiet place in Dusk Mountain. There, he sat down with his legs crossed and continued to sense the original energy essence in the other 43 continents.

Beside each original energy essence was a Prote

yone who stubbornly resisted it would die.

It is time to change this world.

Then, our Wang Clan will be one of its masters!"

Fabian said smugly.

"Well, stop wasting time talking to this weakling.

Let's do it now.

If Kevin gets here, things will become more complicated,"

the evil creature behind Fabian said in a displeased tone.

"Yes, master,"

Fabian said hurriedly.

"I can't believe you and your clan dare to collude with evil creatures! I swear that I will wipe out your clan!"

Austin roared angrily.

"Weak human brat! How dare you behave so arrogantly in front of me?"

the evil creature said with a snort.

At that moment, two beams of black lightning shot out of his eyes and headed toward Austin.

'This evil creature is incredibly powerful!'

Austin thought to himself in surprise.

After all, even though they weren't physically in the same place, the beams of lightning from the evil creature's eyes popped out in Dusk Mountain, the Vermilion World.

Then, they shot toward Austin.

Austin quickly waved his hand, and a surge of spiritual energy gathered in front of him, forming thick and solid walls.

The two bolts of lightning kept breaking the energy walls, but they eventually ran out of energy and dissipated.

As long as Austin was in the Vermilion World, he could use the power of the whole continent at any time.

Nevertheless, he was startled by the evil creature's power.

'Tune World, where that evil creature is right now, is far away from me. But he almost hurt me by just giving me a look! I've never heard of such formidable skill before.' Austin was completely shocked.

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