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   Chapter 2331 Successful Refinement

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10790

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At this moment, the ten Protectors were trying to refine the original energy essence of the continent on the ten worlds across the Immortal End World.

A light dazzled in front of each Protector.

The light was the original energy essence of the continent on which these Protectors stayed.

All of a sudden, the Protectors felt something.

"Respectable Messenger, it's an honor to see you."

The ten young Protector, although scattered across the ten worlds, sent a message from their Soul Sea in unison.

The messages were sent to a secret room beneath the Tune World.

Screens created by magic power simultaneously displayed the ten Protectors' messages to the demon's messenger.

"Well done! You did an excellent job.

Now, you must cooperate to stop Kevin from realizing his plan. One more thing; never expose who you really are.

Do you understand?"

The demon's messenger of the outer region instructed the ten Protectors.


The ten Protectors sent their affirmation to the demon's messenger through their spiritual sense.

Satisfied by the Protectors' response, the demon's messenger from the outer region nodded and waved his hand swiftly. In an instant, the ten screens in front of him disappeared.

"Last time we met, I asked you to find which small world contained the broken space barrier. Did you locate it?"

The demon's messenger turned and questioned the group of people standing behind him.

"I've discovered the location, sir.

The said space barrier is in a small world, and the entrance is in the Divine Continent.

We intend to send people to the Divine Continent to take control of it."

A great master at the level of the Immortal Transforming Realm explained to the demon's messenger. He also bowed his head as a sign of respect to the demon's messenger.

"That broken space barrier offers us a way to enter the Immortal End World. We can send our allied army through it and attack the Immortal End World.

You must control that small world and cooperate with us using every conceivable means!"

A shrewd glint flashed in the eyes of the demon's messenger when he spoke.

"Yes, sir."

All the great masters at the level of the Immortal Transforming Realm, who were standing inside the secret room, nodded respectfully.

"That's good."

The demon's messenger of the outer region seemed satisfied by the great masters' response.

Then he waved his hand.


Several black Space Rings streamed out of his hand.

Each black Space Ring darted at and landed in front of a great master at the level of the Immortal Transforming Realm.

"Each Space Ring contains various martial arts skills, divine pills, and magic treasures that can be used by cultivators at the level of the Immortal Transforming Realm. Each of these treasures is more advanced and superior to those found in your Immortal End World. The martial resources in the Immortal End World are rubbish in comparison."

Contempt reflected on the face of the demon's messenger as he spoke.

"Thank you, sir."

The great masters at the level of the Immortal Transforming Realm were overjoyed at having received this precious gift. They grabbed their Space Ring and placed it into

tered. Each fragment floated and wandered in the star cluster at random.

From among all the wandering fragments, forty-four pieces of the continent were larger than the rest. They were sealed by several powerful cultivators in a fixed space and were isolated from the outside world.

Due to the isolation, the power of the forty-four continental fragments began to weaken as time went by.

They became barren, and the prosperity of ancient times faded. Moreover, spiritual energy between heaven and earth continued to thin each day.

This affected the cultivation base of the cultivators on the forty-four continental fragments as well.

It was no longer possible for anyone to reach a higher level of martial arts.

Everything and every creature on the forty-four continental fragments helplessly witnessed their decline. They could do nothing but watch and wait as the day of their extinction neared.

That was the long and painful history that Austin saw in the pictures.

Since the pictures stopped here, Austin woke from that mysterious dreaming state. His eyes were full of sorrow and sadness as he remembered the plight of the cultivators on those forty-four fragments.

He had witnessed the birth of a cultivation continent, albeit through some visionary pictures. The prosperity, decline, and upcoming extinction of the continent, however, startled him to the extreme.

While watching what had happened in the visionary pictures, Austin had a strange feeling. It was as if he had been with all the creatures on the Immortal End Continent during that time. He seemed to have experienced all the prosperity and declines of the Immortal End Continent over the long history as well.

Suddenly, an indescribable feeling surged in his heart, like tidal waves.

"The original energy essence of the continent is telling me its history!"

Austin felt both surprised and pleased.

It had been a while since Austin had sensed that he had established an indescribable connection with the original energy essence of the continent.

Now he knew that he seemed to successfully refine the original energy essence of the continent!

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