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   Chapter 2330 The Refinement

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Austin was holed up in the cave trying to refine the original energy essence of the continent.

In the Dusk Mountain, dozens of great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm under Master Kevin's instructions took the other Protectors to different worlds.

Just as Austin had guessed, every Protector was responsible for refining the original energy essence of a continent.

A day later.

All the 44 Protectors had been placed in their respective regions.

They stayed in the forty-four regions of the Immortal End World to refine the original energy essence of the continents.

In the Dusk Mountain of the Vermilion World, in a huge palace with rich immortal mist, Master Kevin sat cross legged.

In the palace, several old men sat opposite Master Kevin.

"There should be no major challenges with our plan this time,"

a thin, old man with a dry wrinkled face, said.

"Don't worry.

The group of Protectors that we identified were not only young, but each of them were also quite gifted.

If they refine the original energy essence of the continents like it should be done, it will bring infinite vitality to the Immortal End World,"

Master Kevin said.

"But Austin's location and responsibility is still the most critical one.

The Dusk Mountain, in the ancient times, was the root of the whole Immortal End World.

In the Immortal End World, the other 44 balls of original energy essence of the continent, should be led by the one here in the Dusk Mountain,"

said another old man.

"That's right. So I asked Austin to refine the original energy essence of the continent here in the Dusk Mountain.

I have faith in Austin's talent,"

Master Kevin stated with confidence.

"Well, it's really a miracle that the young man can manage to develop 360 grottoes."

The rest nodded in agreement.

"Well in the next few days, everyone must work harder to recheck the summoning arrays in the 44 continents.

We should be ready now. We have prepared for this day for too long.

We can't make any mistakes this time,"

Master Kevin added.

"That's right.

Every summoning array has cost an endless amount of efforts and infinite resources. We can't afford to make any mistakes this time,"

reiterated a

of this challenge.

If the 44 continents of the Immortal End World would combine and come together as one, it would be a formidable force. It will be more difficult for us to defeat them even if we join forces and attack the Immortal End World.

Therefore, we must stop them at all costs.

Well, you can go ahead and do as planned.

Remember, you can't let the Immortal End World merge into one entire continent,"

the foreign devil on the altar said.

"Don't worry, sir. Ten of the 44 Protectors are our people.

We also have the runes that you gave us last time.

Now we can locate them at any time.

We can contact them at any time and tell them what to do,"

an old man stated with confidence.

"Well, that's good.

Let me try and sense them and see what they are up to."

On the altar, the foreign devil seemed to be very satisfied with the progress of their plans.

Then, he closed his eyes and released a huge demonic spiritual soul in all directions.

A moment later, the demon suddenly stretched out his arms several times to grabbed thing from all directions.

Then, dark light condensed swiftly and formed ten black screens, floating in front of him.

A different figure clearly showed up on each screen.

"It's them!"

The great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm were overjoyed.

A young man showed up on each of the ten screens.

The ten young men were exactly the ones who had been chosen by Master Kevin among the forty-four Protectors.

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