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   Chapter 2329 Original Energy Essence Of The Continent

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Austin looked around.

A grey haze was all around the whole cave.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin found that the air inside the cave was dry and the grey mist was practically invisible to naked eyes.

Only old people who were about to pass away could emit such an aura. Once this haze appeared, it only meant one thing: someone was about to meet his maker.

Additionally, Austin felt something strange that the cave seemed to be filled with abundant immortal energy.

Despite this, Austin felt no comfort from this. Instead, he felt a little wistful, as if he saw the last radiance of the setting sun.


Kevin mentioned to Austin, pointing his finger to the front.

Looking over to the direction he pointed, Austin was stunned.

At the center of the huge cave was a grey light, blazing like an inferno.

It constantly emitted a grey mist which made the light around the area a little subdued.

"What's this, sir?"

Observing the mesmerizing grey light, Austin felt stunned and curious at the same time.

"It's the original energy essence of the continent,"

Kevin answered slowly, his face grim.

"The original energy essence of the continent? What is that?"

Austin racked his brain for familiarity. Oddly enough, he hadn't heard of that before.

"Every continent has its original energy essence.

Similar to our very own hearts, a continent has its own. It's the key to its very existence,"

Kevin expounded further.

"Creatures and other living beings are able to survive thanks to the original energy essence of the continent. This place in particular possesses bountiful spiritual energy.

This whole continent would be lifeless if it weren't for its original energy essence. It would end up becoming a barren land, a ruin, unsuitable for living beings to thrive.

It is said that a long time ago, there were many continents in every planet that once held nourished lives. But as time passed, the original energy essence of those continents dissipated, and along with it, billions of creatures vanished.

A continent can die as quickly as a man does. If the original energy essence meets its end, then the vitality of the whole continent dies with it. That being said, a continent without the original energy essence is nothing but an infertile land, ill-suited for any life to keep going,"

Kevin simplified to Austin.

"I get it."

Although he understood what Kevin meant, he was surprised that this was the fi


I'll refine the original energy essence lying before me first."

Austin sat cross legged.

Following the secret method that Kevin sent into his Soul Sea, he released his spiritual sense and sketched out many mysterious spiritual sense runes.

Soon, the runes which exuded the pressure of the spiritual sense were successfully outlined and gently moved towards the original energy essence of the continent. At last, they attached to it and tried to communicate with it.

Eventually, more and more spiritual sense runes were drawn. They were all over the sky and they flew towards the direction of the original energy essence.

In his first few days of refinement, the huge grey light remained unmoved.

It remained the same as it was before for six more days.

Later, something finally happened. It made a great sound of sniff and swayed left and right. The huge gray fire was like a flower bud and slowly bloomed.

Witnessing the flame dance, Austin was surprised.

There seemed to be a very faint connection between him and the gray light.

However, according to that secret method, it was not easy to refine the original energy essence of the continent.

It would truly test a Protector's patience.

The communication and integration would go very slowly.

On top of it, the whole process could be dangerous.

If he were to rush, he would surely be unsuccessful in his quest. If he were to act with undue haste, his life would be in danger, and he could be harmed or even killed by the original energy essence on the spot.

Therefore, Austin decided to refine the original energy essence slowly and patiently.

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