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   Chapter 2328 The Great Feat

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"In ancient times, there was once a very prosperous and powerful world. It was known as the Immortal End World.

Back then, the Immortal End World spanned an entire continent. It covered an endless area, more than the naked eye can see.

It was so large that even cultivators at the Immortal Transforming Realm would have to fly at full speed for decades before they circled the whole continent,"

Kevin said.

"It was so huge!"

Hearing this, the young people were all astonished.

"At that time, the Immortal End World was replete with immortal energy. All manner of earthly laws were in place and enforced properly. It was a suitable place for cultivators to flourish.

The cultivation base of the warriors on this continent was exorbitant.

A cultivator at the Immortal Transforming Realm was then a common sight. They were as numerous as the sand in the desert.

There were also numerous warriors in the Immortal Realm.

There were as many warriors at the level of an Immortal King as the clouds in the sky.

It was a prosperous world with a great many masters.

In those ancient times, the Immortal End World was widely known for its power and prosperity in the whole universe,"

Kevin added with a sparkle in his eyes.

As he spoke, his expression became distant, as if he were in a different place. It was as if he was seeing the great kingdom of his memories once again.

The forty-four young people in front of him continued to stare up at him, even as he fell into silence. Their eyes shone with admiration for Kevin and the kingdom in his memories.

Cultivators at the Immortal Transforming Realm were known in every small world. They could be great leaders in most people's eyes.

However, in ancient times, people at that realm were not rare. Countless people could reach the Immortal Transforming Realm.

The younger generation couldn't even start to imagine how it felt to reach the Immortal Realm.

"Everything changed someday.

Several large worlds outside the Immortal End World joined forces to invade our world.

The prosperity of our world had attracted the eyes of the greedy enemies. We had no idea that these enemies had been preparing to rob us for a long time.

The Immortal End World grew accustomed to peace. People were caught unpre



Wait until I call for you one by one and arrange the specific tasks for you.

Those who haven't been called can rest in the palace.

Remember, from now on, you have to cut all contacts with the outside world.

Don't contact anyone without my permission.

This includes your family, your elders, or your friends. You are not allowed to get in touch with the outside world until the plan is completely carried out.

This is for your own good.

Do you understand?"

Kevin asked the young men sternly.

The young people fidgeted under his intense gaze. Their minds were suddenly filled with doubt if they could truly go without outside contact for a long time.

With eyes downcast, they nodded in agreement.

Kevin nodded at this and turned away. He lifted his hand in a powerful wave and gave off a stream of vital energy force.

The force took Austin out of there with lightning speed as the old man ran ahead.

His surrounding passed in a blur. He stared unseeing as the sky and earth spun around him.

He moved so fast that he had to close his eyes against the harsh wind that struck him.

To his amazement, Austin couldn't even sense anything with his spiritual sense. He couldn't even imagine how fast Master Kevin's speed was.

After a few seconds, Austin felt his body stop.

He looked around and found himself in a huge underground cave.

Master Kevin stood beside him, not one hair out of place despite their intense travel.

"Where are we, sir?"

Austin asked curiously.

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