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   Chapter 2326 Miracle

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The silence was deafening as the people stared in shock for a long moment.

"Oh my God! A hundred and eleven grottoes!

How on earth could someone develop that many?! That's impossible!

Is this a dream? Am I dreaming?!"

someone from the crowd could not help but yell out in disbelief.

Their shock was understandable as the ninety-five grottoes Fabian developed were enough to cause a stir and make a sensation.

And now Austin demolished that to set a new record.

It electrified everyone in the arena and completely shocked all of them! Everyone was overcome with excitement!

"One hundred and eleven grottoes!" "No one could be compared to him!" "He's amazing!" "He beat the old record so easily!" "This is phenomenal!"

"Miracle! It's a miracle!"

"Even from ancient times, no one has ever developed so many grottoes in our Immortal End World, right?"

The onlookers looked excitedly at each other as they discussed the arena's events among themselves.

"I've always known that he's more than what meets the eye!

But even I didn't expect that he'd be this great!

He's truly amazing!"

Elder Anderson was absolutely giddy with excitement.

Despite the dizzying excitement buzzing through the arena, the Wang Clan remained silent. They did not speak a word, but Grandmaster Canelo and Fabian faces were especially dark.

The silent Grandmaster Canelo gnashed his teeth as his narrowed eyes flashed with hatred. He remained focused on Austin's every move around the arena.

"Look! He still isn't done!

Austin's starting a new round of grotto development!"

A loud voice boomed over the noisy arena.

It immediately silenced everyone as they turned as one to focus on the crystal screen. All their eyes were fixed on Austin's figure.

Inside the secret chamber, Austin continuously activated his vital energy to develop more and more grottoes.

He managed to accumulate a lot of vital energy before and that was what he used to achieve his breakthrough this time.

It was silent in his area but eventually...

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The deafening sound of explosion echoed in the secret chamber one after the other.

Unlike the earlier explosion, this one was stronger and lasted much longer.

In the enclosed space of the secret chamber, it sounded like someone lit up unending firecrackers that kept going off.

The explosion continued for a few more seconds and a few more for the ringing to finally disappear and then eventually...

the explosions finally stopped.

A total of a hundred explosions echoed in this round.

Each explosion stood for a developed grotto and so that meant there were a hundred g

na was completely thrilled and the air was filled with chatter and gossip.

Many people couldn't stop themselves from shouting and screaming. The entire scene became more chaotic by the second like a pot boiling over.

The word "miracle" was thrown about by everyone and most of them genuinely believed it.

All of the onlookers except for the Wang Clan who dully looked at the excitement like defeated cocks, especially Grandmaster Canelo, Fabian, and the middle-aged man next to them.

"It's impossible! I don't believe this! It's impossible!"

Grandmaster Canelo shook his head and refused to believe the facts in front of him.


Fabian glared viciously at the crystal screen that showed Austin's figure.

His fists were clenched so tightly that his veins throbbed and his nails dug deep into his palms.

Austin's brilliant performance frustrated him.

He wanted to win the Protector Competition and become the best Protector no matter what.

But Austin had completely demolished him already in the first part of the competition.

And now in the second part of the competition, he developed ninety-five grottoes to win first place and that should have been an amazing record.

However, Austin developed three hundred and sixty grottoes, which was far greater than his own achievement. He easily took away the glory that once belonged to Fabian.

There was no way Fabian was going to accept this bitter truth.


Austin is indeed the one.

It's definitely him."

Excitement coursed through Elder Kevin once he confirmed his thoughts.

He raised an arm and softly waved his sleeve.

Austin jumped out of the Cultivation Tower and darted out of the Dusk Mountain.

He had sent Austin to go through the Thunderstroke Doom.

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