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   Chapter 2325 Developing Grottoes

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"The spiritual tree is five hundred meters high now!"

Austin looked at the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea. He was both surprised and pleased with what he saw.

The spiritual tree was by now five hundred meters high. It opened like a huge umbrella that spread wide inside his Soul Sea.

Strong waves moved back and forth as his Soul Sea acted in response to the spiritual tree.

"My spiritual sense is getting more powerful!"

Austin could feel that his spiritual sense force was much stronger than before.

"My spiritual sense is much stronger than that of the cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Is my spiritual sense force as mighty as a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm?

It's impossible. It can't be real!"

Austin was shocked by this prospect.

The idea that his spiritual sense could have a power equivalent to the power of a  great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm was just too amazing.

However, Austin knew that the reason his spiritual sense had advanced to this level was because of the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea.

The spiritual tree stayed in his Soul Sea and integrated with his spiritual soul.

It was absorbing external energy all the time and transformed it into spiritual sense to strengthen his own spiritual soul.

Just then.


Austin felt that the vital energy in his body went crazy.

His vital energy surged between energy meridians like a great river.

A sea of golden fire suddenly rushed out of Austin and surrounded him from all sides.

As he sat cross legged in the golden fire sea, Austin's aura became increasingly fierce, and his aura was getting stronger every minute.

Soon, the position of the vital acupoints in his body became visible in Austin's mind.

Austin counted, "One, two, three... three hundred and sixty!"

There were three hundred and sixty crucial acupoints in his head.

He could see the location of each vital acupoint in his body.

In addition, Austin realized that all his three hundred and sixty major acupuncture points shone like bright stars and it filled the entire sky above him.

"It turns out that there are so many vital acupoints in my body!"

Austin exclaimed. He was so thrilled that he kept counting the vital acupoints in his bod

iumphant voice.

"Genius! He's a real genius!

The twenty days that we spent waiting was not in vain. This guy, Austin, is a real genius!"

Suddenly, the entire arena was filled with noise and excitement.

"Ha-ha! This lad is really something!"

Elder Anderson finally felt relieved.

Anxious, Elder Kevin stared at Austin. His eyes were suddenly filled with emotions.

"Well, Austin, let me see how many grottoes you can develop.

If the quantity does not exceed that of Fabian's grottoes, you will still lose!"

Grandmaster Canelo remained quiet with a serious expression on his face.

Fabian also looked anxious and kept quiet the entire time.

Inside the secret chamber.

"Well, I did not go all out yet.

Let me try it again!"

Austin continued to activate his vital energy to develop more grottoes.

A moment later, Austin's energy level increased at an amazing speed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of loud explosions was heard once again from the room.

The entire secret room trembled, unable to contain the surge of energy anymore.

There were sixty explosions in a row!

It meant that Austin developed sixty grottoes in this round.

Combined with the previous grottoes developed by Austin, the total number had now reached one hundred and eleven!

The entire arena became still and quiet. A deafening silence fell over the crowd!

All the people present fixed their eyes on the crystal screen in the midair above the squared arena where Austin's figure was displayed!

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