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   Chapter 2324 The Increase Of The Spiritual Sense

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Although the audience in the arena were becoming a little impatient since they had been waiting for a while, Master Kevin was not moved and didn't give any response.

Therefore, everyone had no choice but simply to be patient and keep waiting.

Meanwhile, at that moment, in a secret chamber of the Cultivation Tower, Austin sat cross legged like an old monk breathing calmly in meditation.

However, despite his calm exterior, there was an earth shaking change taking place within his body.

What was more, the biggest change was the power of his spiritual sense.

After making great efforts while cultivating and meditating for more than ten days, Austin could feel his spirit gradually making a significant improvement.

The quality of his spiritual soul became more and more solid. It was like a knife on the grinding stone, constantly being honed.

A magnificent glow emerged from his Soul Sea and it was reflected between his eyebrows. It was burning so bright and crystal clear that it lit up the entire secret room!

Over the past ten days, Austin's mind became clearer, more enlightened and profound. He was like a person who was about to understand all the secrets of this world!

"What is happening?"

Master Kevin had been observing Austin and took notice of his unusual behavior.

Others could only see and hear what was going on inside the secret room through the crystal screens which wasn't showing much.

However, Kevin was different. He could use his spiritual sense and penetrate into the Cultivation Tower where it could capture the subtle changes of each competitor.

Other contestants' spiritual sense power would make a significant increase when they entered the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

However, their spiritual senses and spiritual souls wouldn't have any significant changes, which was totally different from what Austin had experienced.

"How can this be happening?

Generally speaking, the transformation of the spiritual soul would occur when the warriors at the Heavenly Grotto Realm were about to make breakthrough to the Immortal Transforming Realm.

However, Austin made such a big change when he was about to make a breakthrough to the Heavenly Grotto Realm. Then, what would happen if he made a breakthrough to the Immortal Transforming Realm?

To be honest, the warriors should put their spiritual souls above everything else. That's the most important thing for them!

The change of their spiritual souls was the most fundamental change.

The kind of person who had undergone a transformation of the spiritual soul when breaking through to the Heavenly Grotto Realm would be the most amazing genius of all ages.

Such a genius was not likely to be born in any era.

Could it be true that I have finally met a genius?

Is Austin really a genius?"

After using his spiritual sense to feel Austin's changes for a moment, Kevin was so excited that he couldn't help trembling.

On the fourteenth day, among the remaining dozen contestants, four of them had made a successful breakthrough.

They each created more than 30 heavenly grottoes, which was considered just an average level.

This was because all the contestants participating in the Protector Competition were c

couldn't seem to make a breakthrough.

During the whole twenty days, he was actually cultivating in seclusion rather than making a breakthrough.

"Okay I will announce the end of the competition," said Master Kevin.

Just as he was about to officially announce the end of the Protector Competition, all of a sudden a commotion was heard.

Meanwhile in the secret chamber, Austin's body trembled, and there was a terrible spiritual sense pressure erupting from his Soul Sea. It was like a tsunami, rushing out from his head.

In an instant, the whole secret room shook violently as a strong wind blew.

"What is that? What could be happening!"

Suddenly, everyone in the arena noticed the commotion.

They all fixed their eyes on Austin.

At that moment, in Austin's Soul Sea, with a crash, Austin found that his soul energy suddenly became more focused and sharper.

Austin's Soul Sea seemed to have become a clean, pure world without dirt or shadow.

Peach blossoms were blooming, and the fragrance engulfed the whole world.

In a flash, Austin's spirit was awakened.

He could feel some subtle changes in his body, such as increased heartbeat, blood circulation, cell division and production, pore contraction, temperature change, and visceral peristalsis. Austin was amazed that all these changes were all very clearly reflected in his perception, which was as clear as observing his palm prints.

What was more, a dazzling light came out of Austin's brain and formed a circle of light to cover Austin's head.

It was the halo of the soul that emanated after the spiritual sense reached a certain level!

Enveloped by the halo of the soul energy, Austin's responses, thinking and perception ability had also been enhanced.

Even, small things that had happened in the past were now flowing in front of Austin like rivers. It was not difficult for him to think and remember the small things which he had been forgot for a long time.

"His spiritual sense was even stronger than that of many people at the Immortal Transforming Realm!"

Master Kevin couldn't help but feel shocked by the strength of Austin's spiritual sense.

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