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   Chapter 2321 The Commencement Of The Second Part Of The Competition

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After both the excitement and dismay ended, everyone left the field and returned to their residences.

Austin sat cross-legged in his room as he digested all the events that transpired in the past few hours.

'If I want to reach the Immortal Realm, I need to have over fifty grottoes.'

Austin frowned as he tried to recall what Elder Kevin told him.

'Great! I must work hard to develop more than fifty grottoes!'

Austin nodded as he thought about his plans. Determination shone fiercely in his expression as he sat back with a plan in mind.

For the next two days, Austin gave his mind and body time to recuperate. He held off from cultivation and instead spent the time resting quietly.

It would not be a big loss anyway since two days weren't long enough to actually make a difference.

It would be better to take the opportunity to relax, and the result could be better.

These thoughts led him inside his secret cultivation chamber, where Austin spent his time in a state of complete mindlessness.

Two days passed swiftly.

On the appointed time, the people started to gather in the arena at the top of the mountain.

"Everyone, today we will begin the second part of the competition for the Protector.

The main task of the second part is to check the number of grottoes developed when one reaches the Heavenly Grotto Realm,"

Elder Kevin announced to the people that had patiently gathered.

He held his hands aloft where a formula was written in a piece of paper. In the blink of an eye, he shot it into the void nearby.


A deafening explosion echoed from the void.

After that, a huge space crack was formed in the void where countless space fragments flew out.

Amidst all the debris that were flying out, a nine-tiered pagoda slowly emerged. It filled almost the whole mouth of the gap in its entirety.

The nine-layered grand pagoda floated over to the arena. It enlarged even more and turned into a giant tower that reached into the sky. The crowd stared in astonishment at the spectacle it made.

"That is the Cultivation Tower which has been hidden in the Dusk Mountain since ancient times.

There are many secret practicing rooms in the tower, and each of them has been equipped with the top-grade spiritual energy gathering array by the ancient immortal king.

It will be good for cultivation.

This time, the second part of the competition will be held in the secret cultivation rooms of the tower.

No matter what the result, rejoice! For breaking through in the Cultivation Tower is a rare opportunity


He practiced the Golden Sun Scripture silently, unaware of the people who were watching him.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

After Austin had practiced for a while, he sensed a huge amount of spiritual energy that was pouring into the secret room.

He could tell that it was no ordinary spiritual energy. On the contrary, it was of excellent quality.

The strong spiritual energy flowed like a river into the room. It never slowed down, stopped, or wavered. Instead, it flowed constantly until the secret room soon had reached an astonishing level.

Since there was too much spiritual energy, it seemed that the spiritual energy would soon been condensed into immortal energy.

'Elder Kevin is right!

The secret room has been set up with a powerful Spiritual Energy Gathering Array. Once someone cultivated inside, the spiritual energy in the surrounding heaven and earth would be absorbed into the room in tremendous amounts.

This could form an environment of high concentration of spiritual energy, '

Austin thought in wonderment as he felt the dense spiritual energy in the room. It was almost condensed into immortal energy.

He pondered this realization for a short while but soon focused on his cultivation again.

He sat with the stillness of the dead, his mind centered.

Austin could feel innately that he had accumulated enough energy.

The restriction on his body had also been removed so that he could make the breakthrough to the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

All that he had to do was practice. He was confident that sooner or later, an opportunity for a breakthrough would come.

Across the towers, in different rooms, all the competitors faced the same situation as Austin.

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