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   Chapter 2318 The Victor

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Inside the battle ring, the two participants moved at maximum speed and launched attacks one after the other.

In a split second, they had exchanged more than a hundred moves. People in the arena could hardly keep up and can't tell who had the upper hand in the competition.

"Austin, don't even think about it!"

Fabian swore that he would destroy Austin, whatever it might take.


He hid in the dark nether fog and moved at top speed. He wanted to kill Austin under the cover of a dangerous and evil aura.

"You still can't beat me."

Austin sneered. After an aggressive fight he could now gauged the strength of Fabian and his style in fighting.

His strength was topnotch, but Austin knew he could deal with it. .


As Fabian shouted, his right arm turned into a black sacred sword. As it appeared, the surrounding air stirred and became oppressive.

His right arm was suddenly covered with a thick layer of black armor. Made of pure steel, it was a magic treasure that could endlessly create a large amount of evil energy.

Austin disengaged himself from it and stayed in a safe distance.

Soon a terrifying scream echoed on the battle ring and a torrent of golden flames erupted.

A three-legged golden crow appeared in the middle of the golden flames. Its figure dazzled in the burning flame, and it filled its eyes with killing intent.

The horrifying fire of the sun came out from its body, setting the entire surrounding ablaze with a burning heat.

At once, the golden feather had spread across the entire heavens and then turned  into golden sharp swords that rushed out of the sea of fire.


A series of explosions echoed in the air.

The black sword that emerged on Fabian's right arm collided with the gold swords just above the clouds. Dreadful streaks of light flashed across the sky as the heavens turned into a battleground of power and strength.

The strong sword aura gave off a loud angry noise.


Possessed by terrifying madness, Fabian's body radiated with black commanding light and countless evil runes flew out of his body continuously.

It looked like every inch of his body was implanted with terrible and evil runes.

Perhaps this was the reason why he was so powerful.

The evil runes were not the result of his own hard cultivation. Instead, they were implanted into his body by a powerful great master using various unimaginable means.

It was the only possible reason why he was so powerful at such a young age and could fight against Austin.


Even Elder Kevin, who was in the arena, was shocked.

However, in the ancient times, many strong cultivators from foreign regions died in the battle and were buried in

ierced through his body. Several body parts were injured and Fabian could taste blood in his mouth.


Austin knew it was the right move and intended to finish the fight once and for all. He used the second move of the Eighteen Arhat Formula, accompanied by his physical strength.

The second vision of Arhat appeared.

This Arhat drifted in the air with his legs crossed in front of him. He was holding a golden string of beads, and his round face was laughing heartily.

Instantly, the golden beads that the Arhat was holding fired from his hands one by one. Each of the golden beads went straight and pierced through the body of Fabian. The runes that once circled around his body all came crushing to the ground.


Fabian's body fell down on the ground covered with cuts and bruises. Blood was coming out of his mouth and eyes.

"Fabian is injured!"

Suddenly, there was a commotion. People on the arena stood up and watched Fabian's injured body on the ground.

It seemed like the battle between the two young men had ended.

"It looks like Austin will win,"

Elder Anderson said with a smile. He was anxious the entire time, but now he felt relieved.

"No way!"

members of the Wang Clan protested in a low voice, unwilling to accept defeat.

"What? How could it be?"

Elder Kevin was mostly affected by how the battle ended. He almost jumped to his feet, and two powerful rays of black fairy light almost blazed out from his eyes that could have shaken the heaven.

Fortunately, he restrained himself in time. Otherwise, the residual immortal aura was enough to raze the arena to the ground.

'It's... Did he have the Buddhist inheritance of that master?

I can't believe Austin could get the inheritance from that man, '

Elder Kevin thought to himself, shocked.

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