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   Chapter 2316 Winning Games One After Another

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8518

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Since Kevin had agreed, the others couldn't dispute his wishes and said nothing.

Austin stayed on the battle ring and continued fighting.

Next, another young man came to the stage to challenge him.

Austin had proved to everyone that he was powerful, and no one doubted his prowess in battle.

If anyone could defeat Austin, he would be considered more powerful than Austin.

The most important reason was that everyone was speculating on Austin's current situation. Many felt that although Austin looked relaxed and unfazed by his opponents, he was probably just pretending and he had spent a lot of vital energy.

With this thought, the young men felt a bit more encouraged and decided to participate in the challenge, with their fears of Austin slightly alleviated.

However, Austin did not disappoint. He remained steadfast and invincible as always.

A few hours later, Austin had won 150 consecutive games!

The whole arena fell into silence.

Everyone was shocked by Austin's success.

"He had fought against 150 opponents in a row and won. Even if he was an iron man, he really should have lost almost all his energy.

I guess it must be very tough for him now!"

"Yes, you're right. Although this boy is extremely powerful, his power must have a limit.

He can't fight on indefinitely."

Although they were shocked, they still had hopes and speculated that Austin couldn't hold on for too long.

So, everyone was curious and they were just waiting to see at which round he would collapse and be thrown out of the battle ring.

Some young contestants also thought that this would be a better time to take advantage of the situation and braced themselves to challenge Austin.

Meanwhile, some real top masters who were considered stronger also started appearing to challenge Austin.

If Austin kept winning like this, eventually, he would be more powerful than all the other competitors.

The more impressive Austin's performance became, the dimmer all the other competitors looked, and no one wanted to be considered weak.

Among the 3000 or so candidates, in addition to Austin, there were also some extremely terrifying talents.

Those who were considered the most terrifying geniuses finally lost any little patience they were holding on to and came to the stage to challenge Austin.

With time, Austin began to slow down and he couldn't win as easily as before.

Previously, Austin almost finished the fight in a few seconds.

But now, Austin needed to fight with dozens or even hundreds of r

indicate their imminent mortality.

'How can Fabian have such a strong physical strength!'

Austin was a little surprised.

He hadn't expected that Fabian would be that strong and skilled.

He was shocked that Fabian could hold his own and would fight back with bare hands.

This was the first time that Austin had met such a strong opponent.

An opponent with such powerful vital energy force, weird secret skills and a terrifying physical strength.

"So, Austin, why are you slacking? Are you getting desperate?

This time, there is no way you can win again.

I will end your winning streak."

Fabian stood in the void, surrounded by a dark mist. His eyes were as dark and burning as a ghost fire, which showed his indescribable confidence and strength.

"You've been practicing an exotic evil skill?

Is there any relationship between the Wang Clan and the foreign devils out of this world? There is something very strange about the technique you are using!"

Austin looked at him calmly and suddenly said.

Fabian showed a glint of imperceptible flurry on his face after he heard Austin's words.

"Austin, don't try to upset me more than you already have!"

Fabian shouted harshly.

"In the ancient times, the foreign enemies broke into our Immortal End World.

Countless exotic creatures died in our world.

And some of their cultivation methods and traditional secret skills were passed down to our ancestors in our Immortal End World.

In our Wang Clan, there are several kinds of secret skills from the exotic evils.

So it's nothing strange for a warrior to practice such skills in our Immortal End World."

Fabian managed to calm down in a flash.

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