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   Chapter 2315 No Need To Rest

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"I surrender!"

the tall young man from the Unworldly Sect yelled firmly.

Although he was unwilling, he knew it was useless to continue with the fight when he was clearly no match to his opponent.

Austin faintly smiled and withdrew his Omnipotent Bodily Skill.

He had won ninety-four matches in a row now.

The highest record set was ninety-five consecutive wins.

Right now, he was just two wins away from beating that record.

Suddenly, the entire arena fell silent, baffled at the sight of the young man.

In fact, Austin's previous victories over ten evil creatures in the Astral World had already made him quite famous in the entire Immortal End World.

Of course, most of those who knew that were great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Now, Austin had just proven again that he was indeed a prodigy among the younger generation of warriors in the entire Immortal End World.

The cheering of the crowd was still in a halt as he waited for the next contender in the ring.

But to his surprise, no one was brave enough to come forward.

He looked around, waiting, but still, none of the participants set foot on the stage. "What?"

All the young competitors looked at him with a complicated expression, but none of them made a move.

It was evident that Austin won that many rounds with relative ease. He was nowhere close being out of vital energy. In fact, all the battles seemed nothing to him at all.

Noticing that, all the participants couldn't help but gulp in fear.

The next battle round was crucial as it would decide if Austin could set a new record or not.

Therefore, it was the most anticipated by all.

If he was to win this one, he would be bound to a new glory again, attracting more attention to his skills and identity.

Knowing this, none of the competitors had the balls to fight him.

If any of them failed, they would become Austin's stepping stone for glory.

"Come on, you guys! Time to get in here and fight with me."

Austin gave a wry smile, realizing that all of them were hesitant to come up on that stage.

After a while...

"Austin wins this ninety-fifth round!

Now let's continue the ninety-sixth round,"

a powerful voice suddenly called out in the arena.

It was Elder Kevin.

Everyone was stunned at his sudden announcement.

Austin did not even fight! How could he win this round?!

"If no one challenges him, he will win by default,"

Elder Kevin added nonchalantly.

The audience un

And in a matter of minutes, Austin had finally achieved one hundred consecutive wins!

Again, the crowd jeered in enjoyment! Austin definitely caused a sensation among them.

"Finally, someone who has one hundred consecutive wins!"

"Oh, my God! All the young people who participated are the best in the Immortal End World. They are all personally handpicked by Elder Kevin as candidates for the Protector.

Every one of them is extremely talented!

A hundred consecutive wins are really something!"

At this moment, all eyes

in the arena were fixed on Austin.

"Ha-ha, you have won one hundred consecutive matches. You can now take a rest."

Elder Kevin's voice rang out.

However, much to Elder Kevin's surprise, Austin hesitated.

"I don't need a rest. Can I continue with the competition?"

Austin said after thinking for a while. Suddenly, the crowd went completely silent.

'What did he just say?

He wants to continue with the competition?'

Everyone was stunned to hear his request. Who in their right mind would give up taking a rest just to continue fighting?


Elder Kevin was also stunned.

But after a while, he burst into slight laughter.

"According to the rules of the competition, you can have a rest after winning one hundred battles in a row.

While that is true, there is also no rule that one must have such a rest.

Now that you want to continue, I guess I'm in no position to stop you,"

Elder Kevin said with a slight smug.

In fact, he also wanted to see how far this young man's potential could take him to.

"Let's see. Maybe, he is the one I'm looking for," Elder Kevin murmured.

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