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   Chapter 2314 A Landslide Victory

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After another hour, Austin had already won 70 victories in succession.

Most of his opponents were easily defeated with only two or three moves.

Everyone who witnessed Austin's consecutive wins was surprised, because even after he won 70 rounds, he didn't even show a slight trace of weariness.

In fact, his face looked very calm. He stood there expressionless with his hands behind his back.

"Why hasn't Austin's vital energy been severely consumed?"

"Yes, he looks sprightly and tireless."

"It seems that his vital energy is really quite abundant!"

Warm discussions were exchanged about Austin's surprising strength and stamina.

One after the other, different men would go up the stage to challenge Austin.

71, 72...

And each time, as predicted by the audience, Austin would win every round without a hitch.

Along the way Austin had also met several powerful contestants.

Of all the contestants he encountered, a 16-year-old teenager stood out from the rest.

Young as he was, he had an amazing talent for martial arts. He had mastered several powerful skills that were not commonly known by other people.

To Austin's surprise, this teenager also had a deep knowledge about the law power.

His every move had some effect to the law of heaven and earth, using it as a leverage to attack his opponent.

In order to master these skills, one had to reach the Immortal Transforming Realm first.

But the teenager's talent was very impressive.

Even though he was only at the Major-perfection Realm, he was able to comprehend the law of heaven and earth and even put them into practice.

Surprised by this teenager, Austin sighed. It would seem that there really were plenty of talented people in the world.

If Austin unleashed his demonic avatar, he could easily defeat this brave and talented teenager in a second.

But, he was in a competition where there were spectators.

Using his demonic avatar was beyond the realm of reason.

Kevin would definitely intervene if Austin did this.

Before he emerged triumphant in his battle with him, Austin had exchanged more than 60 blows.

About an hour later, Austin already had 93 wins in a row!

From the previous competitions, having 95 succeeding wins in a row was the highest record.

Austin was about to come close in hitting the new record.


Your winning streak will end here and now."

It was Austin's 94th battle when a tall young man showed up a

ven breaking a sweat,"

Austin sneered.

"You arrogant bastard! Do you think this is a joke?"

The young man roared back.

At the same time, he also felt embarrassed and flustered with Austin's constant teasing.

"Well, in that case, I'll throw you out of this battle ring,"

Austin said.

The next moment, with unwavering speed, Austin used his powerful physical strength.

Akin to a dragon that flew high up in the sky, a more than 100 feet tall giant came out with muscles bursting out. It was a marvelous sight to behold.


As soon as his feet stepped on the ground of the battle ring, he leapt into the air.

He reached out his hand, and a huge herbal pot appeared in his hand.

The pot instantly expanded its size similar to the giant.

With the huge pot in his hand, the massive golden giant surprisingly smashed down the tall young man.

The impact of his attack broke the entire battle ring.

The space cracks made by the impact continuously grew and spread towards the position of the tall man.

The space was about to be completely destroyed.


The young man retaliated, throwing thunder balls towards the giant.

As his attacks landed, the giant trembled violently, but no material injury came to him.


The tall young man was taken aback. He was frightened by what he saw and he hesitated to continue the fight with Austin.

To be frank, he still had many other secret martial skills that he hadn't used just yet.

But he could tell that no matter what skill he used, Austin was more powerful than he was.

His opponent had the ability to completely crush him!

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