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   Chapter 2313 Winning Streak

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9026

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Part of the flood dragon's gigantic claw emerged threateningly from the clouds.

Its momentum was so strong that it could have torn the space apart by the flow of air around itself and destroy everything in this world and beyond.

Behind that claw, a fearsome-looking head also appeared.

The dragon roared ferociously and its breath released an awe-striking power.

Austin was a little surprised when he saw the sight.

He hadn't expected that the Flood Dragon Scissors would contain the remnant soul of an ancient flood dragon. On their own, the scissors were quite powerful.

However, the soul of the flood dragon increased its ferocity and made it almost as powerful as an ultimate magical treasure.

To put matters in perspective, only cultivators whose cultivation base was at or above the Heavenly Grotto Realm were able to activate an ultimate magical treasure.

The Flood Dragon Scissors was a special case, though. If a cultivator managed to refine it, he or she wouldn't have to maneuver its movements in fights since the remnant soul in the weapon had its own will to attack.

That was why even this fat young man could manipulate this magical treasure.

With this treasure on his side, he could defeat several excellent cultivators at once.

"You don't stand a chance!"

The fat man laughed wildly as he saw the slight look of astonishment on his opponent's face. His eyes seemed sharp at the idea.

"A weapon equivalent to an ultimate magical treasure..."

Austin remarked with a faint smile.

Then, he activated his Omnipotent Bodily Skill.

In an instant, he had morphed into a giant more than a hundred feet tall and proportionately wide!

As his size increased, his body began to emit a brilliant light, which awed everyone around him. He was giving off a rather sinister and powerful vibe now.

Giant Austin was so powerful that the air around him was trembling slightly, and black space cracks had appeared in it, expanding constantly.


Bang! Boom! To everyone's great astonishment, this giant form of Austin managed to smash the flood dragon's head into pieces with three flat punches.

Then, he strode forwards and grabbed the Flood Dragon Scissors. As he tightened his grip, the divine magic treasure broke into pieces as if it had been a chicken's egg.

Finally, Austin swung a fist at the fat young man which was as big as a millstone.

With a heart-wrenching scream, the fat young man was picked up, spitting out a mouthful of blood that looked like a drop compared to Austin's size.

The fat man couldn't even breathe after being grabbed. He begged for mercy in a shaking voice as terror overcame him completely, but found no

this brat has mastered a lot of secret skills,"

Anderson remarked with a smile.

"The way I see it, he has integrated a three-legged golden crow's bone into himself and I bet he also absorbed a lot of its blood essence.

Is it possible that he killed a three-legged golden crow himself too?

No way! Even the weakest three-legged golden crow can easily match a cultivator at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

How did he manage to take it out?

Did someone help him?

What a lucky guy! You know? I'd really like to see his rank in this competition," Kevin remarked, as he glanced at the young man with a brooding expression.

He was sitting in the corner of the auditorium and watching it all.

"I hadn't expected this bastard would have so many good things.

Once I kill him, I will definitely scan his soul and find out all his secrets!"

Grandmaster Canelo decided, as he stared at Austin with a vicious look in his eyes.

He had always harbored a strong intention of killing Austin.

Austin, on the other hand, was ready to fight his next opponent on the battle ring.

"I'll challenge you!"

Another young man used his bodily movement skill and landed on the battle ring.

But he was even weaker than Austin's last two opponents.

After a very short while, he too was thrown out of the battle ring by Austin.

In the following fights, Austin won every round again and again and within a very short span of time, he had defeated ten opponents.

Moments later, he had won twenty consecutive games.

Then he prevailed over thirty opponents.

After about an hour, Austin had won fifty consecutive games!

Most of the challengers had been defeated by Austin in just a few moves.

Only a few of them had been able to withstand about a dozen blows or more.

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