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   Chapter 2312 On The Battle Ring

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9804

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"Accept my challenge!"

In an instant, a young man had rushed up to the battle ring.

He held a powerful thick halberd in each of his hands. Mighty streams of vital energy force were ceaselessly flowing like rivers in those weapons, shrouding the battle with tremendous vital energy force.

Seeing this, the young man in green robe beamed with dazzling light from head to foot. Immediately, two flames of different colors surged violently, growing to the size of massive tree branches.

He accepted the challenge and fought with all his might. In the end, he triumphed again, triggering another uproar from the crowd. That was not all as he continued to win in next few rounds.

From the first battle till now, the young man in green robe had won twenty-nine rounds in a row, shocking everyone present. They could not help but talk fervently about his skills.

"Ha-ha! As I said, I will have a hundred consecutive wins.

Hurry up, you cowards! Don't waste my time!"

His voice overflowed with self-righteousness. Evidently, his successive victories had turned him arrogant instantly.

"You have no chance to win!"

A cold voice suddenly came out of nowhere. It came from a young man in a white robe who was shrouded entirely in a freezing aura as he stepped on the battle ring.

Wherever the young man went, chunks of ice materialized and floated in the air as if those where his shadows.

In the blink of an eye, countless white ice blocks were formed in the space around him. They suspended in the air, clattering with one another like numerous white bells strung together to play an epic song.

The face of the young man in green robe darkened upon seeing the majestic entrance of his contender.

There was a reason for him to feel nervous. According to the laws of the five elements, water subdued fire, and this young man in white robe cultivated a martial arts with the water element.

True enough, the young man in green robe was defeated and almost killed in no time, ending the match abruptly.

He jumped off the battle ring in a hurry and escaped, ending the glory of his successive victories in humiliation.

The new winner replaced the old one, and the game continued.

As the rule stipulated, each contestant must defeat one hundred opponents in succession before he could take a rest.

If the contestant withdrew from the battle ring out of his own will, he would be disqualified from the competition.

Therefore, none of them quitted the battle ring voluntarily.

About 3000 young people participated in the competition to be candidates for Protectors. Each of them was a real martial talent in the Immortal End World.

All of them were chosen by Kevin, as he had the power to decide who was qualified to be candidates for Protectors.

With his strength in cultivation, insight, and knowledge, Kevin was able to know who were competent or incompetent in martial arts just by casti

You said you have heard my name? So, you must know what I'm capable of. Are you trying to make up some stories to disturb my mind because you have no chance of winning against me?

Are you trying to defeat and seize me by tricks?

That's all you are capable of?"

Austin could not help laughing when he thought how overt his opponent's intention was.

The fat young man blabbed a lot to avoid a direct fight because he wanted to disturb Austin's mind. He clearly knew that there was no way for him to win against Austin.

"How dare you!"

The fat young man was so furious that he launched his attack right away.

Bang! A blaring noise resounded in the air.

Countless dazzling lights burst out from the fat young man, with each of them emitting waves of violently rolling energy.

He finally took out a secret weapon––the Flood Dragon Scissors. Horrible tidal waves of energy burst out from it, shrouding it completely.

Bang! The air rumbled with a more terrifying force.

Thousands of rays of energy soared into the sky, seething and rolling like clouds of mists. Among those shining lights and fogs rumbled howls and roars of gigantic ancient beasts.

Then, a gush of a whirling of wind was heard.

A claw of flood dragon stretched out directly from the cloud and mist!

It was a massive one with its sharp nails seeming to tear the space apart! Suddenly, an explosion blared in the entire arena.

Then a ferocious head of flood dragon emerged from the cloud of mist.

It roared with sheer frightening energy, causing everyone's hairs to stand on ends. An overwhelming ancient aura filled the air and pressed on everybody.

Austin was a little surprised at this sight.

It never occurred to him that the soul of an ancient flood dragon existed in the Flood Dragon Scissors.

Because of the flood dragon's soul, the Flood Dragon Scissors could be categorized as a magic treasure next to an ultimate magical treasure.

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