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   Chapter 2310 The Earth Root

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"Protector Competition..."

Austin muttered, obviously expecting battle himself.

Anderson and Austin flew across different worlds on the way. It only took them a day to reach the Vermilion World.

The Vermilion World was one of the eight heavens of the Immortal End World.

And it was the most powerful among the eight heavens.

In its center was a towering mountain range, which was incomparably massive and extensive.

About an hour later, the two arrived at the Vermilion World and saw firsthand the infamous and unique mountain range from a distance.

"Look! It's the Dusk Mountain!"

Anderson cried out in astonishment at the mere sight of the tall mountain.


Austin was also stupefied, quickly glancing at the direction Anderson had pointed.

He wondered what was so strange about this mountain that it could shock a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm so much.

"The mountain range is called the Dusk Mountain. This is where the Protector Competition will be held.

Aside from that, it also has a unique history.

In ancient times, the Immortal End World was a united continent, and its center was the Dusk Mountain. You can say that this mountain was the earth root of the Immortal End World.

To some extent, the earth root was the essence of an entire continent, affecting the latter's progress and prosperity.

Back then, many warriors chose to come to the Dusk Mountain and tried to break through to the Immortal Realm.

It's said that strong immortal energy resides in that mountain. And the immortal energy makes it easier for people to break through to the Immortal Realm,"

Anderson informed.

His voice was enchanting as he narrated the history of the mountain. "The earth root?"

Austin looked at the bright and magnificent mountain, which was more than a hundred thousand feet high.

The immortal energy was extremely substantial that it could be sensed from a great distance.

The mountain was like a sanctuary of a mighty god.

Anderson took Austin and flew towards the Dusk Mountain.

Both of them couldn't help but feel a tingle of excitement as they came closer to it.

Two hours later, the entirety of the Dusk Mountain covered Austin's sight.

A man who set his foot on this mountain was like a speck of dust in a vast desert –– so very little in comparison.

"Wow! This ca

ivators were young like Austin, who had reached the Major-perfection Realm.

Obviously, these young people were all here to participate in the Protector Competition.

Besides, many other people were accompanying those young people.

In Austin's case, Anderson was the only one who accompanied him.

But some of the young competitors were attended by a group of people standing beside them, including elders, mates, friends, and relatives.

They must have come here to cheer them up.

At the same time, many powerful great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm had come.

After all, many of them paid great attention to this Protector Competition.

So, all in all, the entire Dusk Mountain was surrounded by quite an overwhelming crowd.

There were at least a hundred thousand people present, much to Austin's surprise.

Of course, all of them were curious to witness one of the most awaited competitions.

Austin, who was quite overwhelmed, stared at the crowd for a while and then looked away.

Although the place was utterly jam-packed, the venue was in an orderly fashion. The people stood near the auditorium with no disturbance at all.

"They are from the Wang Clan!"

Suddenly, Austin turned to see the people who were entering the arena.

The leader of these people was none other than Grandmaster Canelo!

"What a small world!"

Austin exclaimed with a slight smug.

The second Austin and Grandmaster Canelo's eyes locked, the latter was quick to flash the former a stern stare.

At that moment, a tension was felt from both sides.

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