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   Chapter 2305 Try the Strength Of Vital Energy

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8001

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Very soon, the figure arrived at the periphery of the land.

Of course, the figure was Austin.

"It's him! This is impossible!"

Numerous cultivators recognized the young man in front of them; he was the same person who had broken into the inner area about a week ago.

"Unbelievable! This guy actually managed to stay inside the inner ring of the fire! He lasted a week in there!"

"But that's impossible!

His cultivation base is only at the Major-perfection Realm. He shouldn't have been able to, in theory...

I guess the brat has something with him that helped him withstand the fire!

Otherwise, there is no way he could have stayed alive in the inner part with his cultivation base.

Five or six days would be a distant dream!"

"You know? I've heard that the inner circle of the Scorching Land is very dangerous. But beyond those dangers, it also contains enormous opportunities.

This guy was inside that area for the last five or six days. Did he..."

For a while, the warriors just stared at Austin and kept on discussing all sort of things about him.

Many of them were now looking at him with passionate eyes.

The cultivators here were practicing martial arts which were related to fire. The whole place was made of fire.

If this guy had managed to get his hands on some fortune in the inner area, it must have been something to do with fire.

If they could also get their hands on the treasure, it would prove to be of immense value for them.

"Bastard, don't move!

I have something to ask you!"

"Stop right there!"

At the same time, numerous other cultivators also moved closer to Austin, staring at him with malicious eyes and greedy intentions.

Austin obeyed and stopped moving. Then, he glanced coldly at the middle-aged man who had stopped him.

"Lad, what were you doing in the inner area of the Scorching Land?

Did you find anything? Tell me the truth!"

The man was speaking in an urgent tone. He was also at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm. But his tone was more greedy than curious.

"Fuck off!"

Austin replied coldly.

He obviously knew why the man had stopped him.

"Son of a bitch! You go to hell!"

The middle-aged man was furious after being abused like that.

He pounced on Austin as his robe swelled up under a great pressure of his vital energy force.

The fist he had raised to hit his

ergy, he braced himself.

Glittering vital energy rushed out of him like a glowing river.

Then his vital energy morphed itself into a giant golden palm, which flew up towards the vital energy palm hanging over his head!


The two gigantic palms collided with each other violently, producing a loud bang and the entire space shook violently.

For a moment, there was only silence.

The power of the two palms seemed to have been consumed up by the collision. They dimmed out and finally disappeared.


The old man in grey and the cultivators around him were all shocked. Their eyes were hanging wide open now.

They couldn't believe it.

A young brat at the Major-perfection Realm and a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm were fighting purely with vital energy force, and yet their strengths were evenly matched.

It was true that a master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm was only a stage higher in cultivation base than one at the Major-perfection Realm.

However, there still should have been a huge gap between them.

Since the former ones had numerous grottoes in their bodies, they would have more places to store their vital energy.

But the warriors at or below the Major-perfection Realm only had a single elixir field.

There was a giant qualitative difference between the two.

Normally, the Heavenly Grotto Realm Master should have been extremely strong compared to a Major Perfection Realm one.

However, what happened in front of them just now completely overturned the perception of the warriors. Here was a miracle in front of them!

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