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   Chapter 2303 Nine Suns

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"Master, do you know Master Kevin?"

Austin asked.

"Protector Competition..."

the Lord of Flaming Sun murmured. He seemed lost in his own thoughts and didn't even hear Austin's question.

"The alien enemies are still trying to attack our Immortal End World!"

the Lord of Flaming Sun exclaimed.

"This stela had been with me for many years.

I was seriously injured in that battle and the stela went missing.

I did not expect you would help me bring it back.

It was an old friend."

The Lord of Flaming Sun fixed his eyes on the Fire Stela again. His eye gleamed with tears as he recalled the days he had spent with the Fire Stela.

"But it looks like you have not refined it yet.

It's natural. You still have a long way to go if you want to fully master the Golden Sun Scripture.

I can sense that the spiritual sense mark I left on it is still very powerful. You are not strong enough to replace it with yours.

It may have helped you in the past, but it still doesn't recognize you as its master.

But don't worry. Let me help you,"

said the Lord of Flaming Sun.

As he waved his hand, a powerful spiritual sense dashed into Austin's head.

The spiritual sense integrated into Austin's Soul Sea.

Right away, Austin felt a closer connection with the Fire Stela.

In the past, there seemed to be a mysterious gap between Austin and the Fire Stela. He could never explain what it was, but it prevented them from communicating with each other.

Now, the barrier had been broken.

He could now feel a relationship, a strong bond between him and the Fire Stela. It was a divine connection between a master and a magic treasure.

Much to his delight, he could now communicate and even control the Fire Stela.

From now on, the Fire Stela belonged to Austin.

"Thank you, master!"

Austin said with overflowing gratitude.

The man in front of him used to be an immortal king.

It meant that the Fire Stela was an immortal king's magic treasure

Austin was fully aware of the power of the Fire Stela. It had protected him several times in the past, and now an endless bond was formed between him and the Fire Stela.

As long as the Fire Stela is with Austin, it could

with a sigh.

He had fought with alien enemies before, and he knew how powerful they were.

The moment they attacked the Immortal End World, countless living creatures in our world would lose their lives.

In another territory, the headquarters of the Violet Moon Sect was hundreds of thousand miles away from the Scorching Land.

The headquarters was in ruins.

More than ten figures drifted above the ruins.

One of them was a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm!

He was Grandmaster Canelo.

The rest were middle-aged men who were at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

All of them were from the Wang Clan of the Tune World.

A few days ago, the people of Wang Clan attacked the Violet Moon Sect, and destroyed everything in sight.

They captured all the members except for its supreme grandmaster.

Before long, most people from Wang Clan had left the headquarters of the Violet Moon Sect with their captives.

Only a few masters of the Heavenly Grotto Realm and some disciples stayed to deal with the supreme grandmaster of the Violet Moon Sect.

They all ended up getting killed.

But the supreme grandmaster was nowhere to be found.

Because of this, the Wang Clan sent many strong cultivators to investigate who killed their men and to search for the missing supreme grandmaster.

Their effort was fruitless.

Finally, Grandmaster Canelo personally went to the headquarters of the Violet Moon Sect to deal with the situation himself.

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