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   Chapter 2295 Black Thunderbolt

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"It's all right, sirs. The old bastard can't do anything to me!" Austin shouted.

He had decided to settle this whole thing on his own once and for all.

By mere thought, his demonic avatar appeared and used the World Sealing Tabooed Magic within an instant.

Countless evil runes formed and were transformed into a terrible tsunami. They came in from every direction, much like flooding water from a sick ocean, and filled the space around Grandmaster Canelo of the Wang Clan. Suddenly, the old man found himself submerged in a sea of runes.

As the strength of Austin's demonic avatar had increased, the power of its World Sealing Tabooed Magic had increased dramatically as well. It was several folds stronger now and could take care of Grandmaster Canelo.

"That bastard's demonic avatar seems a lot stronger this time!"

Grandmaster Canelo suddenly realized this and shock appeared all over his face.

And to his extreme amazement, he found that he could not move at all. It was as if his nerves had stopped responding.

After displaying the World Sealing Tabooed Magic, Austin's demonic avatar brought out the Diabolic Killing Needle and, as if it were manipulating flour dough, morphed it into a pitch black iron stick. Holding that, it leaped forward and swept it towards the old man.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Several deafening noises arose in succession and filled the air.

A dark space crack formed wherever the iron stick went and with each swung, its momentum increased. At least a thousand meters wide, the cracks expanded and quickly spread towards the unfortunate Grandmaster Canelo. His day seemed to have come.

Rattling, ringing, and sonorous noises of something being broken were heard constantly.

And the hundreds of millions of purple flying swords the old man had conjured up were all blown to bits in an instant. Nothing except confetti remained.

The fragments were now floating in the air like snowflakes.

By that moment, Grandmaster Canelo was shocked to the extreme and had lost all sense.

He knew that his life was in danger, and he might not make it out of here alive.

"The brat wants to kill me!"

The old man felt a tremor in his mind. All of a sudden, numerous dramatic changes took place in his body. Due to some kind of secret skill he utilized, his body turned red all of a sudden and incessant amounts of a cyan-colored smoke began to rise from it. Within the blink of an eye, his body became thinner and thinner yet, all the way up to the point when there was only a thin skin wrapping his skeleton left.

At the cost of completely losing his flesh, the Grandmaster's sealed body could move again.

The last time his body had been sealed by the World Sealing Tabooed Magic, he had been forced to blast away two of his ultimate magical treasures and consume a small part of his blood essence. But even that wasn't enough this time. Something had happened.

To his amazement, the sealing power was incredible this time and the only way out was to consume even more blood essence.

So much, so that almost all of his flesh was lost to the exercise.

He had almost consumed a third of his blood essence by now. His hair was in a mess now, dropping in a disheveled manner on his shoulders. He looked dispirited and his face had gone pale. With most of his flesh consumed, he looked mo

ther than that, thunder was its food and it could take on lightning of every conceivable color.

"Is it... Is it the thunder unicorn? What the hell!"

Grandmaster Canelo stared at the magnificent beast with his eyes wide open. He was both surprised and pleased at this sight. He was eager to get his hands on it!

"Great! That's wonderful!

I've been looking for one for a lot of years now. I never expected you to have one.

It's mine now!"

Grandmaster Canelo burst out into a fit of wild laughter and almost jumped up with ecstasy.

A primary part of his focus was on the cultivation of smart thunder skills. So the thunder unicorn would prove very helpful and valuable for him. But it was rare to obtain or even see such a powerful beast.

The other cultivators were a lot more stunned at the sight of the thunder unicorn. To be honest, they had never seen such an animal before.

"You think you can get your hands on it? Dream on, old man!"

Austin sounded cold as he uttered those words.

At that moment, his demonic avatar rushed out all of a sudden, and dashed towards the old man at an impossible pace.


Within a second, the avatar exerted the World Sealing Tabooed Magic once again and suddenly, black demonic runes flew in from the sky and again darted at Grandmaster Canelo like a fierce storm.

The old man was shocked at this sudden change. He swiftly moved his greedy gaze away from the thunder unicorn and tried to focus.

It was not until that moment that he came back to his senses and recalled how powerful Austin's demonic avatar was.

He backed off quickly and went hundreds of thousands of steps away immediately.

The World Sealing Tabooed Magic was indeed very powerful. But it could only be used within a set distance, when dealing with an Immortal Transforming Realm master.

The demonic avatar also rushed behind Grandmaster Canelo with the Diabolic Killing Needle in its hand.

Bang! The air stirred with a huge noise.

Once again, the Diabolic Killing Needle turned into a huge black iron stick and swept towards Grandmaster Canelo at a lightning fast pace.

The old man immediately used his secret skills to ward off the attack at such a critical moment.

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