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   Chapter 2293 The Demonic Avatar Was Stronger

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"It's amazing!"

Austin didn't even pay attention to what the middle-aged man said.

Instead, he focused on observing his demonic avatar and the Diabolic Killing Needle.

After the demonic avatar absorbed the soul of the last evil creature, it stood there motionless, engulfed in the thick black fog.

As these things took place, the evil needle grew bigger and bigger.

It increased in size all the more, and eventually, the needle turned gargantuan. Its size stretched up high into the clouds.

Then, after some time, the needle shrunk until it was the width of a human hair. It became so minuscule that it could even be blown by a child.

This proved that the needle could expand and transform itself into a colossal pillar into the sky.

And, it could also reduce itself into something small that it could easily be mistaken as a strand of hair.

The dimensions of the needle changed multiple times—it grew big, and then it shrank again.

As it altered its proportions numerous times, the surroundings around the needle also changed.

One after another, the shadows of the evil creatures appeared. They continuously grew stronger in number, and eventually, there were now a multitude of them that flew and growled around the needle.

Buildings that were composed of white skeletons also appeared out of nowhere. In these structures were a plethora of ghosts that lingered in them, where they either cried or laughed begrudgingly.

Everything around the needle was covered in thick black fog.

Bit by bit, the fog absorbed the demonic avatar and the evil needle.

"Looks like this evil needle soaked up too much evil energy. It is digesting it.

Your demonic avatar seems to have reached a certain level and is breaking through,"

the middle-aged man commented, as he observed the scene before him.

"You're right,"

Austin agreed, nodding his head.

Since the demonic avatar was part of him, he felt its current state.

'It is about to break through.

Once it succeeds in doing so, it will be greatly improve, ' Austin thought.

"You need to be patient. It will take some time to make a breakthrough,"

advised the middle-aged man.

As he waved his hand, a white path appeared beneath them, stretching to the opposite direction of the demonic avatar.

They kept going until they were more than a hundred thousand meters away. Austin and the man found a mountain to land on, and they both settled on its peak.

As they did so, the man asked Austin about t

i's suggestion, Austin was dumbfounded.

'The place that Mr. Yi suggested me to go is in the Tune World?' Austin repeated in his mind out of disbelief.

"Yes, the Lord of Flaming Sun was in charge of the Scorching Land. He spent most of his time cultivating there. Now that you are practicing his Golden Sun Scripture, you can go there. Perhaps you will get some harvest.

Maybe, it will be helpful for you to cultivate the Golden Sun Scripture,"

Jude Yi instructed.

The previous owner of the Golden Sun Scripture and the Fire Stela was the Lord of Flaming Sun.

During the ancient times, he was well-known as a powerful immortal king of the Immortal End World

"Okay. Thank you for your advice."

As soon as he composed himself, Austin decided to go to the Scorching Land of the Tune World one day.

All of a sudden, Austin felt overjoyed out of the blue.

Something was going on with the demonic avatar.

A black light flashed and appeared beside Austin.

When the avatar landed on the ground, the earth and the sky trembled slightly.

Unassuming and discreetly, a strong and fierce aura was felt.

The tremors of the evil aura could be sensed around the area within tens of thousands of miles.

It seemed that the demonic avatar was the master of this world!

"That's great."

Austin perceived that the demonic avatar was much stronger than it was before.

"It seems that your avatar is at par with Immortal Transforming Realm cultivators,"

Jude Yi commented, looking at the demonic avatar in surprise.

"Really? It can be a match for the great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm!"

Austin's eyes flashed excitedly.

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