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   Chapter 2291 It Is A Good Thing

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"What? Are you certain?

The devil ancestor has gone to the small world where the Devil Tomb Area was located?!"

The few old men gathering around an old altar were all in shock.

The old men's plans had been set into motion. Their scheme involved cooperating with the devil ancestor and helping him gain access to the Immortal End World. In order to do so, they should traverse the small world in search for the legendary Devil Tomb Area. This evil collaboration would allow for the seal imposed unto the tomb to be completely broken. As a result, the devil ancestor could finally arrive and invade this world.

Once the real body of the devil ancestor entered the Immortal End World, the whole world's demise was certain!

"Shit! Look at what you have done! You fools!"

the Holy Messenger snorted coldly.

"The devil ancestor has secretly left a trace of his demonic spiritual soul in one of the small worlds. This trace of the demonic spiritual soul can help you locate which small world he has been to. You must search for this small world and send all of your people there.

Wait for the devil ancestor's coming next time!"

With a wave of his hand, a ball of pitch black-light flashed out of the Holy Messenger's hand and floated above the altar.

"With merely this little demonic spiritual soul, can we find the small world where the legendary Devil Tomb Area is located? I do not doubt that we can!"

The few elders were overjoyed with the news they had just received.

Recently, they had sent a large number of people to look for that small world. However, after carefully examining two or three small worlds, they were not able to find the area that they were looking for.

Because of their failure to find which small world the devil ancestor had gone to, they were forced to scatter their forces to other surrounding small worlds one by one.

"Hmph! Of course, the skills of the devil ancestor are beyond comprehension. You cannot begin to imagine what he can do to you feeble beings."

As he spoke, the Holy Messenger glanced coldly at the few old men. It was as if the old men did not know of the power possessed by the devil ancestor.

"Yes, sir!"

the few old men answered synchronously.

"Do it as soon as possible.

You will be the first and only masters of the Immortal End World to have accomplished such a ploy.

In addition, you will not have to hide yourselves in this fully enclosed small world forever.

In the future, you can be free to go to a wider world. Then, your cultivation base will no longer be limited in this closed, small, lifeless world.

You can break through to the genuine Immortal Realm with great ease!

At the same time, with our help, no one in the whole star cluster area would ever dare to provoke you."

The Holy Messenger persuaded the men as he started to walk away.

"Yes, sir! We will follow your instructions religiously!"

Hearing the words of the Holy Messenger, the old men grew so excited that they could not help but tremble with their thoughts.


l senses could not perceive its existence. The tree was still there after all.

'Since when did the spiritual tree start to have this method of escape perception? Wow!'

Austin was overjoyed.

A moment later...

"Well, this is very strange.

You take this evil needle with you, but the evil spirits is not able to invade your spiritual soul and make you turn to a raging demon.

It seems that you are right to utilize a demonic avatar instead to control this terrible needle.

However, you have to be careful in the future. The Diabolic Killing Needle is very fierce. If you are not careful enough, you may be gravely devoured by its evil energy someday. One slip could allow this weapon to invade your spiritual soul and transform you into a devil,"

the middle-aged man said seriously.

"Yes sir, I understand.

Thank you for your concern,"

Austin said sincerely.

Austin knew that it must be the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea that made him immune to the diabolic devouring powers of the evil needle.


Boy, it is such a good thing for the Immortal End World that you are the wielder of this evil needle.

These fiendish monsters were very powerful creatures when they were alive. I personally have tried my best, but I still cannot completely destroy them.

Now, with this evil needle, you can finally solve this big problem in a snap!


The middle-aged man laughed loudly.

Then he waggled his sleeve.


The tomb that was the nearest to Austin blew up all of a sudden. An utterly broken devil phantom abruptly rushed out!


The devil's fragmented and rotten body roared and rushed towards Austin and the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man snorted and reached out his hand to grab the broken evil body. Instantly, the broken evil body was locked up in the air.

With his impeccable reflexes, Austin controlled the evil needle in the hand of the demonic avatar to turn into a black iron rod, which sprinted towards the broken evil body.

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