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   Chapter 2290 Devil Tomb Area

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"Sir, is everything all right now?"

Austin asked worriedly.

"It's fine for now.

However, those alien evils would never give up so easily.

I have no idea when they will come here and try to break the seals."

The middle-aged man sighed and shook his head.

He was absolutely not optimistic about the situation and even a little worried.

"Screw you.

Jude, you damned rat.

You have suppressed me for such a long time. One day, my troops will return to the Immortal End World.

By then, the Immortal End World will be completely ruined.

I will chop you down with my own hands.

Damn you!"

Suddenly, there was an angry roar that came from the depth of the earth. The deafening sound shook the ground violently.


Let me out!

I will annihilate all these annoying animals."

Angry and earsplitting roars echoed all over.

Perhaps he thought his roars could kill his enemies. At least he hoped so.

At the same time, a strong evil energy came from that specific direction and turned into a rolling black mist. It blocked the paths to the heaven and the earth.

"Sir, what's that?"

Austin was pretty startled.

"That is the Devil Tomb Area.

All of those powerful alien creatures that invaded the Immortal End World in ancient times were buried in there.

They fought to death in that unprecedented battle.

Some of those powerful alien creatures couldn't be completely destroyed even after they had been defeated or killed.

Because, even if they were killed upon capture, they were not really dead in the literal sense. Their souls somehow remained alive, or they left some mysterious original energy essence as the extension of their lives.

Under the circumstances, they could only be temporarily suppressed.

That's why there is a Devil Tomb Area here,"

explained the middle-aged man.

"I'm not exactly sure why but recently those repressed alien creatures have started to become restless. It seems as if they are being awakened by something.

And their power has been improving gradually recently.

I have spent a lot of time and energy on trying to repress them again.

Unfortunately, I had a moment of carelessness. A devil ancestor's hand broke the seal and quickly escaped,"

the middle-aged man confided to Austin with a frown.

Since Austin carried the Fire Stela, the middle-aged man didn't treat Austin as an outsider. In fact, he confessed his negl

s that were taken out of the black bags seemed to have included humans, beasts, and creatures of other races.

After they were thrown into the big black jar, they let out painful, ear-piercing screams. Numerous pieces of flesh, blood and bones suddenly splashed out from the opening of the jar.

It seemed that there was something horrible hidden in the big black jar that was killing and grinding all those creatures.

Moments later, a thick black fog rose from the jar.

More black fog gathered around it and began to swirl over the altar like a huge whirlpool.

A spatial passageway appeared from nowhere.

A few seconds later, a heinous-looking figure of hundreds of feet in height walked out of the spatial passageway.

The alien devil stank of horrifying evil aura.

"Welcome, dear Holy Messenger."

Immediately, the elders stood up and bowed down to him.

"Sir, following your order, we have been well prepared in the Immortal End World.

So far, at least seven small worlds have been opened already.

We have sent our people to every one of them."

An elder took a step forward and explained the current situations to the Holy Messenger.


Do not tell me lies.

Didn't I tell you to find the small world where the Devil Tomb Area was located? Didn't I order you to make preparations and to cooperate with our devil ancestor?

I gave you simple tasks and you couldn't even do it well.

Just now, our devil ancestor tried to break into the small world, but he failed and got severely wounded.

It's all because of your negligence and incompetence,"

he snapped at the elder.

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