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   Chapter 2289 The Crisis Is Solved

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"The Prime Martial World had originally been part of the Immortal End World in the ancient times.

Troops from another world had penetrated the space barrier and created a gaping hole. The barrier divided the two worlds and acted as a boundary.

The hole was later sealed.

The gate below is located right there the hole used to be," the middle-aged man explained to Austin while standing on the stela.

He was pointing at the red door that looked as red as blood.

"The souls that keep hanging around are the dead people from the ancient Immortal End World who died in war.

Although they have been dead for a long time, their souls are stationed here to guard this door and the safety of the Immortal End World,"

the middle-aged man said, pointing at the rotten figures.

'So the Prime Martial World was a part of the Immortal End World in ancient times?

The Triangle Zone was where the space barrier was located, and the war left a hole on this place, '

Austin reiterated, seeming surprised and curious at the same time.

"I can't believe that the evil creatures from another world have always tried to destroy the Immortal End World and they have never given up, even after so many years.

They even tried to break the seal here and break into our world,"

the middle-aged man said with a sigh.

"Sir, this seems to be a grand leader's hand who is not from this world. Can the seal withstand and resist his attack in this world?"

Austin inquired worriedly.

"If it was just the hand of a grand leader from another world, it wouldn't be able to break this seal.

However, this hand is special. It is a devil ancestor's hand.

The powers that a devil ancestor possesses are far stronger than the powers of a grand leader,"

the middle-aged man further explained.

'A devil ancestor? You mean they exist? This is interesting.'

Austin was startled.

Based on his experience, Austin had thought that a grand leader from another world was the most terrifying being.

But now he had just heard about the devil ancestor which appeared to be stronger than the grand leader.

He couldn't understand why the evil creatures from other worlds were so powerful.

As far as Austin knew, Kevin was the best cultivator in the Immortal End World.

Kevin was an immortal who had lost most of his strength.

black hand seemed to be at a disadvantage.

It was no match for the two giant stelas.

"Great! We won, sir!"

Austin beamed.

"The seal is still here. The devil ancestor's hand broke in but it has been weakened by the rules of this world.

Besides, the two stelas are invincible.

No wonder the devil ancestor's hand is no match for them,"

the middle-aged man said while smiling.

"Damn it! Stupid world. Just wait.

I will destroy it in the near future," the hand roared.

It rose from the ground and got through the crack on the blood-colored door.

Finally, the door finally stopped shaking and calmed down.

Then the crack on the door began to slowly fix itself.

A moment later, the blood-colored door was back to normal.

Something happened that shocked Austin to the core.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The ground started healing itself as the cracks that had appeared on it disappeared.

The mud, sand and rocks started flying back to fill the cracks.

All this happened so fast.

After a dozen seconds, the ground was back to normal, as if nothing had happened.


The huge Border Suppression Stela turned into a beam of light and instantly disappeared into the ground.

The Fire Stela also rushed back to Austin's elixir field.

The rotten figures entered the black fog and vanished into thin air slowly.

Only the middle-aged man stood not far from the mesmerizing scene.

He looked very relaxed and not bothered by what was happening around him now.

Austin knew that the crisis had been solved.

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