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   Chapter 2288 The Huge Red Gate

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10008

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A few seconds passed and a huge stela appeared. It pierced through the ground and stretched high up to the top of the sky.

On the surface of the huge stela, words were engraved.

There were three shocking words in red: Border Suppression Stela!

At the same time, the whole stone stela began to shake violently. A terrible suppressing power, like a tidal wave, was felt. It seemed to burst out from the old, simple but lofty stela.

Border Suppression Stela!

"What is that?"

Austin thought in surprise as he raised his head high up to look at the huge stone stela. He was quite stunned at what he saw.

Thunderous noises were heard at the same time and they filled the air.

The sounds seemed to come from the bottom of the earth, right under the ground of the huge stela. Those sounds were similar to ceaseless roars, like that of beasts. These sounds sometimes were loud enough to chill the heart, and sometimes were subdued, comparatively like a low howling. It sounded as if millions of demonic and diabolic beasts were roaring at the same time. It was as though all of them wanted to destroy and tear this place with their mighty cultivation base.

At the same time, there were countless terrible black fogs, rushing out and rolling up from beneath the ground.

Austin's amazement rose high when he found that those black fogs contained a great amount of evil energy.

"It looks like the black fogs that emerged in the Triangle Zone have come from here."

Austin observed the clouds of black fogs carefully for a moment and came to that conclusion.

In recent days, there had been many instances when black fogs burst out in the Triangle Zone. No one knew exactly from where they came. It turned out that that was the source of those mysterious black fogs.

Boom! The rumbling sound from underground kept rising.

Just then, the ground underneath the huge stela started cracking and shattered into pieces.

Waves of black fogs, like giant black hands, lashed out and impacted the ground beneath the huge stela without stopping. Sand and stones were splashed in all directions. Smog of mist and dust swirled, forming storms in the sky. The sun was blocked, with all the sunshine gradually gone.

"What the hell?

What's that? There seems to be a door!"

It shocked Austin when he saw something in the dim light of the thick fog.

Since layers of rocks and sand had collapsed and fallen gradually, a gigantic gate buried deep in the soil came into view in the thick black fog and the smog of dust.

The gate was scarlet red, like the color of blood. Rather it was horrifying as it seemed to be painted with flesh blood!

Angry roars were heard. Those roars were coming from behind that scarlet red gate and, for a single second, they seemed to have stopped.

It was far stranger. Because at the same time one part of the huge scarlet red gate bulged out. It looked like a palm pushing it with great momentum.

The roars gave the impression that the

haotic and unnerving.

At the same time, the black fog which was covering the whole space began boiling crazily.

The ground started to shake violently. Thunderous sounds were heard from the sky continuously.

"Oh! What is happening? Is there someone on the stela?"

Austin narrowed his eyes and looked up at the stone stela, filled with surprise.

That was the time when he saw a lofty figure standing on top of the huge stela.

The figure was of a tall, square-faced, middle-aged man with sharp eyes.

When Austin set his gaze on the middle-aged man, he realized that the man too was looking at him.

"Flaming Sun Stela!"

The middle-aged man exclaimed in surprise as soon as he set his eyes on Austin.

The middle-aged man could not stop himself from measuring Austin up and down. Then he observed Austin's demonic avatar which was close by his side.

"Excellent! Oh, friend! What a rare chance for you to see the invasion of evil demons from the outside into the Immortal End World!

Since you happened to witness the invasion, why don't you take out the Flaming Sun Stela and resist the evil demon with us?"

The middle-aged man spoke to Austin in a loud voice after his observation.

"The Flaming Sun Stela?"

Austin was totally at a loss when he heard the man's words.

He immediately thought of the Fire Stela that was in his elixir field. He wondered if that was what the man meant by the Flaming Sun Stela.

Austin was stunned.

It was evident that the middle-aged man had a horribly strong spiritual sense. With one glance, he immediately sensed the Fire Stela in Austin's elixir field. It was amazing!

"Sir, what exactly is going on here?

This place here seems to belong to the Prime Martial World, right?

Besides, there is a door over there. What's behind that door? How could it happen that a demonic hand of the grand leader rush into here?"

Austin was extremely curious now. He was anxious and wanted to figure out everything at once.

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