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   Chapter 2285 How Can I Forget You

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A feeling of joy and festivities filled the air as people chanted "Leader Austin" in the headquarters of the entire Oracle Sect.

It was evident that Austin's promotion as the leader of the Prime Martial World was indeed a popular choice among the people.

"Commander Austin, look around you. The people are ecstatic, and they clamor for your leadership. Please say yes and accept the request!"

Terrence said to Austin on behalf of the East Continent.

The people that surrounded Austin represented the most prominent figures from every continent of the Prime Martial World.

Everyone fixed their eyes on Austin as they waited for his answer.

"Austin, the people are crazy about you, and I think you should agree,"

a white-haired old man clad in a black robe said with a smile. He stood beside Austin and was watching the people cry out Austin's name.

The old man was Angus, the sect leader of the Magic Hand Sect.

Previously, the three major forces from the Tune World called on all the cultivators from the South Continent to assemble in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and demanded that they should surrender. However, Angus and the other people from the Magic Hand Sect disobeyed the order and stayed.

Austin later killed every one of the three forces from the Tune World. He then proceeded to the headquarters of the Magic Hand Sect to visit his friend Angus.

"Austin, it is appropriate for you to be the leader of the Prime Martial World,"

Godwin advised Austin.

"Well, I felt flattered. If you think it's a good idea, then okay! I will stand as the leader of the Prime Martial World."

Austin smiled and nodded in agreement.

In fact, even before he came back, he already had plans of improving the strength of the entire Prime Martial World. There was so much he wanted to do, to advance the place and its people.

The Prime Martial World was actually a small world next to the Immortal End World.

Now, there was a threat of invasion from the foreign demon army to conquer the entire Immortal End World.

If they went to war, Austin believed that the Prime Martial World would be in great danger.

That was why it was very important to improve the overall strength and fighting skills of all the cultivators from the Prime Martial World.

"Everyone, let us show our respect to Leader Austin together!"

As Terrence saw Austin nod in agreement, he was overjoyed and immediately ordered the crowd to honor Austin.

"Leader Austin!"

All at once, the people in the headquarters of the Oracle Sect bowed to Austin.

Austin formally became the leader of the Prime Martial World.

On that same day, all the guests that came to the Oracle Sect stayed and reported to Austin d

rees and exquisite flowers that bloomed during the daytime and closed magically at night.

"Well, I haven't seen Tessa for a long time. How is she doing now?"

Austin walked slowly through the entrance of the valley.

Since Austin left the Prime Martial World, Tessa had been living in seclusion in this valley and was cultivating alone.

Countless precious plants and flowers existed in the valley.

Spiritual herbs covered the ground, and their fresh fragrance circulated all over the valley.

Elegant butterflies danced in the air with their outrageous color. They were not afraid of people; instead, they circled around those who approached them. It was strange and magical to look at.

Austin took his time and enjoyed his walk along the beautiful scenery that surrounded the valley.


A feeling of excitement drifted in the air. A petite and gentle young woman stood beside an unknown pink tree. She covered her mouth as she tried to contain her excitement. She was staring at Austin, unable to believe her eyes.

She was trembling and her face had turned red with excitement.

The beautiful flowers that surrounded her complemented her radiant face and stunning figure.

The charming woman was none other than Tessa.

She was overjoyed to see Austin and wanted to rush to his side.

However, she tried to control herself. She did not want to be disappointed.

After all, she was just like an elder sister to Austin.

She was supposed to behave like an elder sister in front of him.

"Hah, you brat! Do you still remember me?"

There was so much she wanted to say and ask Austin. But apart from all those words she couldn't say, this was all she could come up with.

"How can I forget you? You are like my elder sister!"

Austin said with a smile and walked towards her.

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