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   Chapter 2282 Who Are You

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"All right. Now, everyone kneel down and pledge your allegiance to us. From now on, you're our slaves,"

the middle-aged man continued.

'Pardon me, they want us to kneel down and pledge allegiance?'

All the cultivators of the South Continent in the square were at a loss at this moment.

They hadn't thought it would happen so soon. They were caught off guard at the rude orders

The cultivators from the South Continent looked at each other. For a moment, the square was deathly silent.

"I will give you three seconds to kneel before us. Otherwise, you will die,"

the middle-aged man snorted with a livid face.

He then activated his vital energy force and controlled it to cover the whole square.

All of a sudden, all the cultivators of the South Continent felt as if there was a huge mountain pressing down on their shoulders. Their faces turned pale and they started going down on their knees slowly against their will.

"The people in the Prime Martial World kneel only to the heaven and the earth, to our parents and elders.

But we will never kneel down to the beasts.

Especially you beasts whose days are numbered and are about to die!"

A clear voice suddenly came from the square.

The square instantly fell silent.

All of them looked towards the direction where the voice came from. Everyone wondered who dared to talk back at their captors under such oppressive circumstances.

The people from the three forces of the Tune World were instantly enraged, wondering who had the audacity to challenge their power.

With his hands behind his back, a tall and thin young man stepped out of the crowd and walked forward slowly.

The young man was not handsome. He was actually very ordinary looking but he looked calm and confident. There was a mocking smile dancing on his lips as if he knew a secret that no one else knew. The three middle-aged men narrowed their eyes at him.

A hint of fear rose in their hearts.

They realized that despite trying to size him up, they still couldn't figure out the level of strength of the young man.

Apart from changing his looks, Austin had also hidden his vital energy force. Only great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm could see through his cultivation base.

Since the three middl

yes on the three middle-aged men who were standing in the center of the platform with contempt.

"Brat, who the hell are you?

I don't think you're from this small world. People from the small world are weak. They can't be as powerful as you are!

Tell me honestly. Who are you?"

one of the middle-aged men shouted, staring at Austin with stern eyes.

"Cut the crap!

I'll tell you what. All the invaders should kneel down and make an apology to the people of the Prime Martial World.

If you do that, I maybe take pity and be merciful to grant you a quick merciful death.

Otherwise, I will destroy all of you including your souls,"

Austin said flatly, while still looking at the three middle-aged men because he knew they were their leaders.

"Brat, don't be so arrogant. I'm from the Wang Clan of the Tune World.

I am guessing that you must have come from our Immortal End World and you got here through the spatial passage.

Humph! Since you have now offended the Wang Clan, the All-powerful Sect and the Ancient Immortal Sect, there will be no place for you to hide in the entire Immortal End World,"

a middle-aged man in a light blue robe said menacingly.

The moment he finished his words, Austin suddenly took a step forward and stood in front of him.

The three middle-aged men didn't expect that Austin would be so fearless and even dare to approach them. After all, they were at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

"How dare you, brat?"

The blue-robed middle-aged man was enraged.

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