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   Chapter 2281 The Capital City

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It was in the capital city of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom was one of the three holy kingdoms on the South Continent of Prime Martial World.

It was considered the strongest one among all the countries on the South Continent.

However, three days ago, all the royal members of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, ranging from the emperor to the royal guards were all slaughtered by the invaders.

The invaders had occupied and taken over and were now in charge of the capital city of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

So on the proverbial day, a lot of cultivators from the South Continent had been steadily entering the capital city of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Most of them were considered the core members of top sects in the South Continent.

Yesterday, they all received a message from the intruders. They were all asked to go to the capital city of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and surrender today and become their slaves.

Otherwise, any close relatives and members of their sects would be killed.

For the last two days, the invaders had displayed a great show of power and might.

They were so powerful that cultivators in the Prime Martial World saw no point in fighting with them. Everyone was scared and had lost the courage to put any form of resistance.

There was no sect that dared to disobey the invaders.

Even if the high-level figures in the different forces weren't afraid of death and were willing to risk their lives, they had to stop and think for their relatives, members in their sects and friends who were not strong enough to defend themselves.

Different groups of cultivators arrived at the capital city of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom in droves.

Meanwhile at that time, a horde of people stopped in the air thirty miles away from the capital city. It was Austin, Godwin and the four reclusive elders.

Austin carefully scanned the direction of the capital city.

"It looks like many people have given up and simply decided to come here,"

Austin said, while looking at large groups of people entering the gate of the capital city.

"Those intruders are too powerful. They've scared everyone so much that no one dares to resist,"

Godwin said with a sigh.

"You are right."

Austin nodded in agreement.

'They are definitely powerful. Any disciple that belongs to the three forces of the Tune World can defeat all the cultivators in the entire Prime Martial World. However, the forces sent so many people here to scare everyone into submission. Even i


They acted in an arrogant and domineering manner, as if they were the kings and probably in charge of the whole group.

'The three of them appeared to be at the preliminary stage of Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Now, those three are formidable beings and may be too strong for the cultivators at the Prime Martial World, '

Austin thought.

"Our lords are coming!" With the arrival of three middle-aged men, a booming voice resounded.

Just from the scary voice, the people from the South Continent in the square trembled, and they could suddenly feel their blood boiling over in fear and their vital energy stagnated, now flowing at a slower pace.

Some relatively weak ones even got injured and blood came out of their mouths.

The three middle-aged men landed on the platform. The platform was in the center of the square and was thirty feet high.

They glanced at the people of the South Continent in the square with a disdainful and condescending gaze.

"Now that you have gathered here today, it means that you are very rational people and cherish your lives.

Those who think they are fearless and refused to assemble here will be doomed, and so will their relatives.

Alright, enough talking. Now let's cut to the chase. The reason why I asked everyone here is to tell you that from now on, all of you are our slaves!

To be specific, you will be slaves of the Wang Clan, the All-powerful Sect and the Ancient Immortal Sect. You will be randomly assigned to these forces.

As a slave, the only thing you need to do in the future is to follow orders, and do not try to think or be clever.

Anyone who disobeys the order will die!"

one of the middle-aged men announced coldly.

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