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   Chapter 2280 A Great Fortune

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Austin used his spiritual sense to check what Evan was doing inside the secret room.

He found out that Evan was not at the critical moment and he would not get injured even if they disturbed him.

With this, Austin asked Herbert to knock on the door.

Soon, the stone door of the secret room opened.

"Herbert, what brought you here?"

Evan asked as he stepped out of the secret room.

But before Herbert could say anything, Evan saw Austin standing next to Herbert.

Surprised, Evan could not move or say anything right away.

His heartbeat quickened and he could not think of anything to say.

"Tin, it's you!"

Evan was both surprised and overjoyed.

"Yes, it's me!"

Austin nodded with a smile.

He looked at Austin once again. The moment he was convinced, Evan burst into a fit of laughter.

"That's great!

Tin, you're back! I am so happy to see you!"

Evan beamed and pulled Austin into a brotherly embrace.

Tears filled his eyes, as emotions swelled inside him.

The three of them spent the next few hours on the mountain where Evan lived, making fun of each other and exchanging stories.

Austin, Evan and Herbert had known each other since they were in the Sun Sect of the Violet Orchid Empire, and they were very close friends.

As the three reminisced about the past, Austin recalled the days when he was still in the Sun Sect.

Austin was just a weak cultivator back then, but he missed the days he spent in the Sun Sect.

Those were happy days for him.

He became stronger after he went through a grueling cultivation in the Sun Sect.

It was where it all started.

"Evan, I can't believe you are at the premium stage of Heaven Realm.

You have made so much progress over these years,"

Austin said.

"I should work hard on my cultivation. But even if I do, you are still far stronger than me. You're a good influence."

Evan smiled, touched by Austin's words and sincerity.

"Well, it's good to know that you take cultivation seriously.

I will take you to a more advanced world later.

The spiritual energy in that place is so much denser than here, and the rules of nature there are more complete.

You will make progress better and faster

e tower, Austin told Mike not to make a noise and not to disturb Ivy and Sue.

He told Mike that Ivy and Sue had been cultivating in meditation since they entered the illusory vision last time. They had not woken up yet.

Brady assumed that they were assimilating some secret skills of Buddhism.

Since Ivy and Sue were both weak, it would take them a long time to master those profound skills.

Mike could only stare at Ivy and Sue. They were sitting cross legged, with a smile on their faces. The girls were in a state of meditation. He was so happy, and his heart wanted to burst out of his chest.

Unable to contain his joy, tears rolled down his cheeks.

Two hours later, Austin left the mountain and returned to the headquarters of Oracle Sect.

He got more important things to do the following day.

The sun shone brightly as another day formed in the horizon.

Inside the headquarters of the Oracle Sect, Godwin and four reclusive elders stood beside Austin.

"Austin, are you sure we are going there without the others?

The invaders said all the high-level members of any sect had to be there,"

Julius said.

"There is no need to take other people with us.

Our task is to wipe them out.

We will not bow down to them.

You don't have to worry about what they said,"

Austin said, smiling.

Austin then took Godwin and the four reclusive elders with him. Together they headed towards their destination on his flying magic treasure.

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