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   Chapter 2279 Meeting Herbert Again

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A young man stood along the road of the Oracle Sect.

Based on his appearance, he was surely about twenty years old.

Strutting slowly with his chin up, he gazed up at the sky.

His demeanor and stance made him look like a big shot.

Many disciples of the Oracle Sect caught sight of him. They couldn't help but snort a chuckle.

When the male disciples approached the young man, they greeted him respectfully.

The young man cleared his throat with a smirk.

"How are you doing?

Remember, don't slack off. You should work hard to improve yourself. Otherwise, I will ask Godwin to punish you," the young man said proudly with his hands clasped on his back.

He was obviously enjoying how the disciples treated him.

The female disciples greeted the young man and took their leave immediately.

As the young man kept walking, he ran into a female disciple. He intended to chat with her, but she, too, hurriedly fled.

"Hey, Darla, wait up! Last time I asked you out to have a date, but you stood me up.

Why didn't you show up? That's so rude,"

he said with a sigh as he watched her retreating figure.

Soon, the young man met another female disciple.

"Ahem! Are you available, Claire? I want to invite you to talk about cultivation. I'll wait for you under the third willow tree on the square.

I've been practicing a unique sword skill recently. I got it from Tin. Do you know him? He is Commander Austin.

If you are interested in this skill, meet me there tonight,"

he confidently said to the girl.

"Herbert, don't think I'll be fooled by you.

Our sect leader advised us not to believe whatever nonsense you spit out," the girl responded with a snort.

She stuck out her tongue and made a face at him. After that, she walked away without looking back.

The young man watched Claire disappear into the distance, while the scent of her body lingered to where he stood.

"Damn it! It's that old man Godwin again. He spoke ill of me behind my back and embarrassed me.

Once Tin

is head.

If he was expelled from the Oracle Sect, he couldn't live in comforts anymore. Damn! Herbert could feel an intense chill in his body just by thinking of it.

"Please don't do that. In fact, Godwin is doing this for my sake. He is a good man,"

Herbert immediately corrected his words.

"Tin, I'm the one that cared for you the most. How can you favor him over me? My heart is broken,"

Herbert uttered with a pang of hurt.

"Where is Evan?" Austin suddenly asked, changing the topic.

He didn't want to talk nonsense with Herbert.

"Evan is cultivating in seclusion.

He always spends a few months in his cultivation every now and then. I haven't seen him for a while,"

Herbert informed, still bothered by how Austin was treating him.

Meanwhile, Austin was elated to hear such good news.

"Come on! Let's go and see Evan,"

Austin excitingly invited.

Then, with a wave of his sleeve, he dragged Herbert and headed towards Evan's secret room.

It only took them a second to reach the secret room on the mountain where Evan was cultivating in seclusion.

"Tin, you are too fast!"

Herbert exclaimed in surprise as soon as he landed on the mountain.

For cultivators in the Prime Martial World, Austin's current speed was terrifying. It was no surprise that a person like Herbert would be appalled by it.

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