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   Chapter 2277 Meeting Old Acquaintances Again

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Updated: 2020-02-28 03:12

"Humph! These invaders are being very unreasonable and bossy!

They have killed countless of people in our Prime Martial World already. And they only stayed in here for two days!

To top it all off, they even demanded all the top sects in the South Continent to kneel before their presence.

I heard that the top-notch sects from the other three continents were also asked to do the same.

They obviously wanted us to be their servants,"

an elder in green garb cried out of anger.

"Indeed. They certainly had plans to enslave us as soon as they invaded the Prime Martial World,"

Godwin uttered as shook his head.

"Humph! Personally, I think it's best for all the cultivators on the South Continent to create an alliance to fight against them.

Approximately, there are billions of living creatures in the Prime Martial World. If all of us would join hands and work together towards a common goal, surely, we can take them down,"

another old man added in the discussion.

"That's not going to work.

We're still no match against them even though we outnumber them.

The strength of these newcomers is more powerful than we think.

We may be advantageous when it comes to the number of people, but it could hardly replace the gap between the difference in strength,"

Godwin sighed, dispirited.

"I hired dozens of array experts in the Prime Martial World to make the Sect-protecting Array. It took them a couple of years to finish it. It cost me a great amount of resources.

That being said, it could be easily inferred that our Sect-protecting Array was one of the most powerful defense arrays in the entire Prime Martial World.

Yesterday, however, the intruder who came here easily smashed it in a single blow and caused this huge hand-shaped hole in its wake,"

Godwin explained, as he pointed at the massive pit in front of him

With fear obviously etched in their eyes, the other old men around him studied the hole in the ground.

They couldn't get the images out of their minds as all of them had witnessed how the intruder created the hole.

During that time, a huge palm fell from the sky and shattered the Sect-protec

ntruders. After all, the invaders rampaged in the Prime Martial World.

Before they could act on anything, a familiar young man came into their view.

"Master, elders, it's been a long time. How are you?"

Austin beamed towards them.

Suddenly, the five old men stared at him in disbelief.

"Austin... You came back?"

Godwin exclaimed as his voice shook and his hands trembled.

Austin was thrilled to meet these old acquaintances once again. Taking a few steps towards Godwin, he bowed to him respectfully.

"Yes, master, this is Austin. I'm back.

It's my pleasure meeting you, elders."

Shifting his gaze towards the four elders, Austin also greeted them.

Godwin, albeit known for being a reserved person who seldom showcased his emotions, visibly showed excitement. He couldn't contain his happiness as soon as he saw Austin.

Soon, he came back to his senses and adjusted himself. He burst into laughter.

"It's really you, Austin!" he exclaimed in delight.

"Austin, we didn't expect you to come back now!"

a reclusive elder asked with a laugh.

He was Julius, a person who was in Austin's good graces.

"Yes, why did you come back suddenly? I thought you were in another world," another reclusive elder asked.

This was Peter, who was also a good person to Austin back in the day.

"I came back to eliminate all intruders and give people in our Prime Martial World a peaceful life!"

Austin promised.

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