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   Chapter 2276 Hand-shaped Hole In The Headquarters

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Meanwhile, a horde of sea beasts was seen moving around inside a huge square in the palace.

It was located at the bottom of the sea of the Third Outer Ring.

They looked unhappy and dispirited.

Some of them were in a human form as they were at the Transformation Realm.

The demonic power in the bodies of these sea beasts was restrained and seemed to be in chains. Their bodies showed signs of maltreatment. Blood was coming out of their wounds and covered most part of their bodies.

A man in blue clothes was yelling at the sea beasts as his long whip slashed at the skin of their bodies. An atmosphere of pain and anguish drifted in the air.

Countless human cultivators stood outside the square, and they were obviously from the three major forces in the Tune World.

"Fuck! You think you can run away from us?

How dare you! You low-born beasts!

Tell me, who started this plan to escape?"

the man who wore blue clothes cursed as he raised his hand and whipped the sea beasts harder.

The sea beasts received repeated slashing, and soon their bodies were covered with bleeding wounds. The whip had thorns made of steel and it ripped painfully through their bodies.

"Stop beating them. I am the one you are looking for.

I ordered them to run away. They are innocent. I am the one you should punish," a strong man in his early forties shouted.

He stepped out from the crowd and stared at the man in blue clothes coldly.

Austin could have recognized the middle-aged man right away. It was Justin, the region lord of the Third Outer Ring.

"Sir! No!"

"Our lord has nothing to do with it. It was me! I encouraged them to escape!"

Several other sea beasts in human form stepped out from the crowd and claimed that they were the one who encouraged their companions to flee.


That was touching! You think you can fool me?

Ha-ha! You lowlife and scumbags! Don't act noble in front of me.

Well, since you have all volunteered to die, I will do you a favor.

All of you will die!

I will start with you, you pretentious lord!" the man in blue said as he fixed his eyes on Justin.

He raised his hand and channeled his vital energy to the whip. This released white sparks of electric ener

l people stood together, observing a huge hole.

Over the years, the Oracle Sect had become the most powerful sect in the South Continent, even in the entire Prime Martial World.

It was superior to all the sects and clans within the Prime Martial World.

All the sects would avoid competing against the Oracle Sect, let alone turning them into an enemy.

It was all because the founder of the Oracle Sect was Commander Austin.

His name was a legend in the Prime Martial World.

Even though he had disappeared for many years, people did not forget him.

That was why the Oracle Sect had advanced so quickly.

From a bird's-eye-view, one could see a huge hand-shaped hole inside the headquarters of the Prime Martial World.

The hole was so big that it covered an area of about ten thousand square meters. The grand buildings that used to stand in that area crumbled to the ground.

The hole was so deep, the onlookers could not see the bottom part of it.

Several figures stood beside the hole, examining the extent of its damage.

One of them was an elder in a white robe. He looked radiant in his white robe and seemed to be full of wisdom.

Austin could have easily recognized the old man; he was Godwin.

Godwin was the current leader of the Oracle Sect.

"Sir, the invaders ordered all the forces from our entire South Continent to surrender and bow to them by tomorrow.

What should we do?"

an old man beside Godwin asked, with a worried look on his face.

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