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   Chapter 2271 Omen For A Catastrophe

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"How did that even happen?" Austin asked with a puzzled expression.

The news was confusing and had stunned him a lot.

"Who knows?

What we do know is that due to the sudden breaches in the seals of various small worlds, a lot of weird and strange things have been happening across the Immortal End World for the past several months. We didn't know what was going on until recently.

In fact, in some of the other worlds, the sky starts to rain blood without any precedent and this goes on for several days in a row.

The entire ecosystem of several of those worlds has gone haywire. Days and nights have suddenly changed time. The sun appears when the moon is supposed to; and stars can be seen in what was previously day-time.

The worse parts are the forbidden areas of those worlds in the Immortal End World. Evil auras appear out of nowhere in those areas and can be seen roaming throughout forests and mountains. Keeping them at bay has become almost impossible."

As Anderson narrated these events, his face darkened and a very serious expression appeared on it. He seemed worried.

"I have heard of strange occurrences on the Land of Life-and-death of our Middle Pilgrim Land as well. People can hear weird, piercingly loud roars in the air from time to time. The noise is so loud that it can be heard across the entire world.

Some horrible diabolic beasts which used to live in the Land of Life-and-death have somehow managed to escape in great numbers."

Sandro furrowed his brows as he recounted what he had heard.

It was obvious that these three masters at the level of Immortal Transforming Realm were very worried about these events. And if they were worried, it meant that things were really bad.

"There is every reason for us to be worried. I think Master Kevin is right. We feel like a catastrophe is imminent in the Immortal End World as well.

Those strange phenomena are the signs of a major crisis that will rock worlds back and forth. Worlds will live, and worlds will die!"

Anderson looked at his friend with a grave expression.

"The warriors of the Immortal End World are crazy about treasures of those small worlds.

Every single sect from the eight heavens and all the other worlds has sent out disciples to seek treasures from these worlds.

The natives of these small worlds aren't that strong and once their lands are raided, there's nothing much they can do," remarked one of the elders with a sigh.

Everyone around felt sullen when hearing about this.

Most people knew whatever the elders had said very well and pitied the native residents of those worlds very much.

A cold glint flashed in Austin's eyes.

His worst dreams were about to come true.

The Prime Martial World was, also a very small world.

The entrance connecting the Prime Martial World to the Divine Continent was located in the East Mainland.

In terms of strength, the warriors of the Prime Martial World were extremely weak, and even the strongest warriors among them were merely at the Holy Realm.

If any cultivator stronger than that entered the Prime Martia

ssage had now appeared near the cave!

It was very close to the entrance to the latter, and floating about a dozen meters up from the ground.

"It looks like this place is a very weak junction of space.

This must be the connection between the Divine Continent and the Prime Martial World.

No wonder I found myself in this place after I had to get out of the Prime Martial World.

It's so strange. But why the barrier here is torn to form a passage?

I think it is just like Master Anderson said. Strange things are happening and a great disaster is imminent in the Immortal End World. Nature is going haywire and strange occurrences are becoming common!"

Austin speculated about this place under his breath.

He also saw that numerous warriors were guarding the passageway. They looked serious and well prepared for anyone who might try to go through.

"It looks like somebody has already broken through the space passage at least once. Why would they guard it otherwise?"

Coldness filled Austin's eyes at this idea.

Then, he moved his body and arrived at the passage as fast as lightning.

"Who's there?"

All of a sudden, the warriors guarding the space channel sensed something and got alert. They turned around ferociously and found Austin standing in front of them. Their eyes were fixed on each other now.

Due to his sudden appearance and weird bodily movement skill, the guards were also a bit afraid about who this man might be.

"This small world belongs to us. Stay away from here.

If you don't want to die, get off this world immediately."

A middle-aged man came up and checked Austin from head to toe. When he saw that it was just a young man at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm, his attitude suddenly became arrogant.

During the last few weeks, various space openings to small worlds had appeared in the Immortal End World.

Powerful sects naturally wanted to occupy those space channels and invade those worlds. Therefore, they had sent people to guard the entrance and prevent outsiders from approaching.

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