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   Chapter 2270 The Entrances To Small Worlds Appearing

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Austin's outward expressions were still calm, but secretly, he was constantly sneering.

Contrary to what the others thought, he knew exactly what was going on.

'Leonard must have heard that I hurt several members of the Yuwen Clan, so he is here for revenge. And I think he is alone right now.

Those people around him must be students of the Immortal End School. I bet they are here to see the fun, ' he thought.

'The supreme grandmaster of the Yuwen Clan didn't come here because he was afraid of Dean Sandro, Master Anderson and Mr. Fang. His being here would tip them off.

After all, they are on my side.

That's why Leonard is here to pick on me.

If he is the one starting the fight, then this would be a matter between youngsters and the elders wouldn't interfere.

It is the principle rule of the four top schools in the Divine Continent.

It is believed that opponents and competitions make you stronger.

Therefore, even if Leonard manages to kill me, he will not be punished.'

The whole scheme ran through Austin's mind pretty soon and he almost laughed out.

"Austin, get your ass over here, kneel down, and beg for mercy.

Or the first thing I am going to do is crush you with vital energy!"

Leonard roared at Austin.

The man had reached the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Moreover, he had formed eighteen heavenly grottoes in his body.

With such achievement, although he was only at the preliminary stage, rumor had it that even several cultivators at the medium or premium stage were no match for him.

However, Austin seemed unfazed. "Who the hell do you think you are? Why should I listen to you?

This is my place and you are breaking in here without permission.

You have once chance to get out of here within ten seconds.

I won't get any more courteous than that!"

Austin retorted with a faint smile.


Then, he began to count.

"What? !"

"You insolent, arrogant fool!"

"Fuck you! How dare you talk to us like this?"

Leonard and his crew were instantly red with rage when they heard the man threatening them.

It must have been laughable too, since Leonard began to laugh furiously.

"It's useless to talk big today, Austin.

I am going to teach you a lesson no matter what!"

he gravely told his opponent.


Austin completely ignored him and continued counting.

Leonard couldn't hold back any longer. He kicked the ground in exasperation, and an overwhelming vital energy force emerged from his body.

The next moment, he had activated his bodily movement skill, and in the blink of an eye, he was standing in front

e minimum use of my physical strength,"

Austin remarked with a satisfied smile.

Just at that moment, he heard a laugh. Then, Mr. Fang popped out of nowhere and stood beside Austin.

"It looks like the herbs we gave you worked very well indeed," the elder said to Austin.

"It's you!"

Austin was really amazed at the mysterious bodily movement skill Mr. Fang was using.

It was better than the one he had seen on Grandmaster Canelo of the Tune World.

"Ha-ha, yes, it's us, my boy! And you've made excellent progress," Anderson said.

He and Sandro had showed up on the mountain as well.

Austin immediately understood that the three elders had been hiding somewhere nearby to watch the fight. They were curious to know how much his strength had improved.

"Austin, it looks like you have practiced an amazing body refining formula. Your physical strength is much better than any I've ever seen,"

Sandro told him appreciatively.

"Yes, sir,"

Austin replied.

"Well, based on what we saw just now, I think even cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm can no longer pose a threat to you."

Anderson nodded in appreciation too.

"There's something I need to tell you.

Recently, several entrances to the small worlds have appeared in the Immortal End World.

These worlds lie adjacent to ours and are often known as secret worlds,"

Mr. Fang suddenly told Austin.

"Is that so? "

Austin narrowed his eyes and a serious expression appeared on his face.

"Austin, I know that the Sword Emperor and you are not natives of our Divine Continent. In fact, you belong to one of those small worlds,"

Mr. Fang looked at Austin.

Austin immediately realized that the situation was very serious indeed!

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