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   Chapter 2262 The Cause Of Sensation

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"Come on everyone!"

A loud shout came from inside the Yuwen Clan's headquarters after Austin took his leave.

The people inside the headquarters rushed out to rescue those who had been injured by Austin.

"Austin, you bastard! You have gone too far!

You have acquired a formidable enemy. We will hunt you down until your death!"

The angry shouts could be heard continuously.

Soon, what happened in the Yuwen Clan's headquarters had spread across the Middle Pilgrim Land and everyone was talking about it.

Instantly, the event was the talk of the town in the Middle Pilgrim Land because people could not believe that an individual could cause so much chaos.

The members of a famous and powerful clan was beaten up by a young man in front of their headquarters.

It was indeed a shocking event.

The leaders of those top-notch sects and clans in the Middle Pilgrim Land that had issues with Austin were taken by surprise. They even sent their senior members to the headquarters of the Yuwen Clan to confirm if what they heard was really true.

They wanted to know why Austin had attacked the Yuwen Clan and they didn't want him to repeat the same in front of their clans and be casualties of his anger.

Anyway, after a while, Austin's name had spread all over the Middle Pilgrim Land.

The high-level members of almost all the sects ordered their men not to offend Austin and if anyone ran into him, they must hide from him.

The Yuwen Clan was one of the most powerful forces in the Middle Pilgrim Land so if what happened to them was an indication of Austin's vindictiveness, no one wanted to be on his bad side.

Now that Austin had turned the powerful clan into a mess, he would have no problem doing the same to any other sects or clans.

A few days later, everyone including children, knew Austin and his shenanigans in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

On the other hand, at the East Continent in the Windless World, several old men were chatting over tea on the top of a picturesque mountain.

They were great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm.

"This is so weird.

How is it that Austin, a mere Major-perfection Realm cultivator has eluded us masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm? We have canvassed the Windless World for days but found no sign of him.

Did he leave the Windless World?

Could he be in some other world?"

asked one of the masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

"I don't think so. Only cultivators who have reached the Immortal Tra

ad arrived at the Evil Abyss World.

But now they were getting conflicting information that Austin was back in the Immortal End World.

They were convinced that Austin couldn't come back unharmed unless he made a deal with the evil creatures.

The more they thought about Austin's return, the more suspicious they grew about him.

It might even affect the safety of the entire Immortal End World!

Therefore, the great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm were all very concerned about Austin's shenanigans.

In the East Continent of the Windless World, the news about Austin's return had also reached Mr. Fang.

"What? You mean Austin came back to the Divine Continent!

That's great! That young man has always been lucky!"

he exclaimed in delight.

"Wait! That means he is also in trouble!

Everyone by now has learned about his return. He would be in great trouble!

I need to go help him!"

he said worriedly after recovering from his short lived joy.


He then turned into a light and directly disappeared.

Dean Sandro from the Blue Dragon School and Anderson were in another part of the East Continent of the Windless World.

After hearing that Austin had made an appearance at the Windless World, they also rushed there to look for him. They had searched for a couple of days but failed to find any trace of him.

Almost at the same time, they also got news that Austin had returned to the Divine Continent.

"I can't believe that! He is back safe and sound?"

They looked at each other, and their eyes were full of surprise and delight.

Then they vanished simultaneously and rushed back to the Divine Continent.

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