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   Chapter 2254 Seal The Great Master (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6277

Updated: 2020-02-25 05:15

"Why did you stop here, little bastard? There are no more places you can run to, right?

That's right. You can never run away from me!

Even if you manage to escape to the end of the world, I will catch up. I can still sense you. You cannot hide from me, no matter what you do!"

Grandmaster Canelo's face distorted in anger as he shouted.

He had been chasing after Austin for a whole day, and he was not amused. He had run out of patience for the little twit.

The old man swore that after capturing Austin, he would torture him with every conceivable means he could think of. He wouldn't be at peace until he vented all his anger on the young man.

The distance between them shortened. Two hundred thousand miles, one hundred and ninety thousand miles, one hundred and eighty thousand miles...

Austin's eyes and his spiritual sense were all fixed on the horizon that was far away. The shadow of the old man was moving towards him like a ray of lightning. Fully attentive on the tiny figure coming from afar, Austin concentrated on calculating the distance between them accurately.

In less than a second, Grandmaster Canelo finally entered the range of a hundred thousand miles away from Austin.

The old man stared at Austin and burst into fits of wild laughter.

"You cannot run away this time, Austin!"

The wild laughter of Grandmaster Canelo was deafening and transcended through the vast empty land.

His thundering laughter caused the clouds to surge and the wind to blow. He caused huge cracks on the ground.

The effect of his laughter was felt more on the ground. Many mountains were blasted into pieces as a result of the blasting waves of the laughter. Cracks of different sizes appeared on earth extending through long distances.


All of a sudden, Grandmaster Canelo, who was still moving at a high speed, extended his right hand

th stage in a very short period of time.

So the power of the World Sealing Tabooed Magic was very powerful after it was exerted.

Its power covered a radius of a hundred thousand miles.

Everything within this range was sealed.

The space, time, the air, the clouds in the sky as well as the thick forests on the ground were all froze in stillness.


What the hell? My body seems to have been sealed! What's going on here?"

The old man noticed the change of his body and shouted angrily.

His body was frozen in the air in a posture slightly leaned forward, as he intended to leap forward to get closer to Austin.

"Ha-ha, I never imaged that I can kill an old guy at the level of Immortal Transforming Realm! That's really unbelievable!"

Austin felt both surprised and excited. He could not help but laugh to his heart's content.

He had never imagined that the sealing power, the demonic avatar used, had reached such a terrifying level.

Its power was able to seal a great master at the level of Immortal Transforming Realm!

All this was made possible because the demonic avatar absorbed the evil energy contained in the demonic hand of the grand leader. There was no denying how horrible that evil energy was.

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