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   Chapter 2253 Seal The Great Master (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6303

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After about half an hour had passed.

Austin still had a long way to go. He was running to a place that was about ten thousand miles away.

The air in the space rippled and stirred slightly, an indication that something was passing through the air. The mighty aura emitted from the two cultivators caused the air to ripple even though they were still far away.

Soon Austin ran out of the chaotic void. He was almost out of breath.

"Austin, you can't run away forever! I will find you wherever you go. There's no place for you to hide!"

In the distance, a figure instantly split the sky and rushed over. It was Grandmaster Canelo from the Wang Clan. He had chased Austin all the way, not wanting his prey to escape again under his nose.

As a great master at the level of Immortal Transforming Realm, he ran at a terrifying speed.

At the same time, Austin found that a powerful law power had been directed at him. It enveloped his body and sealed his power from head to foot instantly.

Fortunately, his demonic avatar took out the Diabolic Killing Needle just at the right time. The needle turned into an iron rod and swept out in the air with forceful momentum.

All of a sudden, an immense dark evil energy burst from the iron rod. It swept against the law power from Grandmaster Canelo that was sealing his power and shattered every bit of it into pieces.

In the face of such a great enemy, Austin could not afford to slow down or underestimate the old man's attack.

Austin used the spatial power to run away through the space again.

The face of Grandmaster Canelo darkened at his audacity. He felt extremely insulted and furious now.

Compared to his great power, the young man, although at the level of Major-perfection Realm, was just as weak as an ant. However, to his surprise, the young man dealt with him with ease, breaking no sweat. He could atta


As soon as Austin made up his mind, he clenched his teeth in preparation for the upcoming battle.

The World Sealing Tabooed Magic, the sealing skill that Austin intended to use, was a very wicked sealing spell with tremendous power.

However, in spite of its great power, there was still some limits and restrictions to its use.

For instance, it could work only within a certain distance for it to have an effect.

Therefore, in order to seal Grandmaster Canelo, Austin had to allow him to catch up to him. He could only use the World Sealing Tabooed Magic when the old man was within a close range.

However, it was a great risk and extremely dangerous to let a great master at the level of Immortal Transforming Realm to be that close.

That was why Austin had never allowed the demonic avatar to use the World Sealing Tabooed Magic before.

But now, Austin had no option but to take a risk.

After making up his mind, Austin came from the chaotic void back to the Real Space once again, where he knew the old man would be.

Austin then stopped.

Soon a figure could be seen looming in the distance. It tore through the space while moving at a high speed like a ray of lightning towards the direction that Austin was standing.

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