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   Chapter 2252 Grandmaster Canelo (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5782

Updated: 2020-02-25 05:15

"That's unbelievable! I never knew the sacred object of the abyss demon race in the Evil Abyss World possessed such power. Alright, then time to battle!

Austin, hand that sacred weapon over immediately and I might just spare your life!

You try to do something funny, and you will taste every single torment which can make your life miserable. You'll die for sure, but not before you regret your own birth!"

A fervent glare of avarice flashed in the old man's eyes as he roared at Austin.

"Old man, I guess you are one of the three grandmasters of the Wang Clan from the Tune World, am I right?" asked Austin coldly.

He was looking at the old man right into his eyes and there were no signs of fear in his own.

"You are right, son. I am one of the three grandmasters in the Wang Clan. I am Grandmaster Canelo.

And if you know me, then you also know that the Wang Clan is a huge and powerful force in the Immortal End World. Our people are spread out all over the land and will find you no matter where you hide.

Austin, I advise you to surrender peacefully if you don't want to be an enemy of the Wang Clan.

If you don't, then not only you, but even your sect, as well as all your relatives and friends will be looped into your troubles.

I am warning you, young man! You can't even imagine how powerful our clan is," sneered the old man in purple.

He seemed quite proud of himself and was speaking rather arrogantly when talking about his clan.

"I'll always remember you, old man, as well as the Wang Clan.

Remember this. I will get even with you some day for what you're doing to me!"

Austin stared coldly at the old man from the Wang Clan. His voice sounded as freezing as ice.

Then, with

The rejecting power from the space itself was the only reason he hadn't caught up with Austin yet.

"That brat's cultivation base in spatial power is really powerful! I can't believe it!"

In the Real Space outside, Grandmaster Canelo could clearly sense the dramatic confrontations going on inside the chaotic void. The resistance he was feeling made him shout out in amazement.

He suddenly felt that his hand could not hold on inside the chaotic void any longer. If he tried to push it, his hand would end up getting hurt.

As a result, he was forced to withdraw his hand unwillingly. But he wasn't going to give up so soon.

"Humph! You want to escape from me, son? No way!"

The old man roared, sounding extremely furious as his wrath bellowed beyond control.

With a furious motion, he released his powerful spiritual sense and in the blink of an eye, managed to perceive everything around him within a hundred thousand miles radius. He could even feebly sense objects at twice that distance.

From this powerful spiritual sense, it was evident how powerful a great master at the level of Immortal Transforming Realm could be.

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