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   Chapter 2251 Grandmaster Canelo (Part One)

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Bang! Yet another loud bang resounded and the huge noise sent the entire space into an uproar, causing it to shake violently.

As soon as the moment the old man had finished speaking, the sky right above Austin's head began to stir. Pretty soon, a violent storm with tremendous energy gathered over him, as if it had been brewed freshly. Like a furious food, the energy of the storm began to rumble.

At the same time, a giant white-colored palm appeared above Austin's head out of nowhere. It had been condensed by energy of the heaven and earth.

The size of the palm was so huge that it caused the space around it to collapse.

Any great master at the level of Immortal Transforming Realm was sure to have a deep and profound understanding of the orders and laws of the heaven and earth.

This allowed such masters to use law powers between heaven and earth to increase their own strength and thereby, attack with even more vigor than usual.

Therefore, it was almost impossible for cultivators below the level of Heavenly Grotto Realm to fight against a master of the level of Immortal Transforming Realm.

It would be an effort in vain to fight against the entire nature since the great masters at the level of Immortal Transforming Realm could utilize the forces and powers in it.

Obviously, against such a force and foe, ordinary cultivators could not defend themselves at all and would surely fail.

Boom! A long-lasting and deafening noise suddenly sounded again.

With a furious rush, the palm condensed of white energy darted directly towards Austin's head from the air above him.

Austin also felt a sudden surge of law power around his body, as if he was being tightly caged by its endless effects. He found that he could no

er, even the power and resistance of the spiritual tree seemed weak against the intrusion of this new evil aura.

Very soon, Austin's own body started to tremble violently, just like his demonic avatar beside him.

He pondered over it for a while and finally figured out what was going on. It was both good news and bad news.

The power of the Diabolic Killing Needle, especially after absorbing the energy of the demonic arm of the grand leader, had grown up to such a terrible level that he was finding it hard to contain.

The demonic avatar was having a hard time controlling this immense force all by itself.

He guessed that it would take some time for his demonic avatar to get used to such terrible energy.

There were also chances that the avatar needed to cultivate some kind of super evil skill that would help it better control the needle and the tremendous evil energy.

But something delighted Austin too.

With the explosion of this powerful evil energy, the sealing power that the old man had exerted around him had been shattered.

Now Austin could move freely once again, and there were no constraints on him. It was time for flight!

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