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   Chapter 2244 Cut Off Grand Leader Boomer's Arm

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7170

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With a piercing battle cry, the tall soldier launched his spear while dashing forward in the sky.

He moved at an incredible speed that within a few seconds, he reached Grand Leader Boomer.

In the ancient city, the souls of the dead soldiers suddenly rose in the air and entered the soldier's body through his back.

"He isn't fighting evil creatures from other world by himself. He has many companions who are willing to fight beside him,"

Austin remarked as he was moved by the scene.

'Even though these ancestors of the Immortal End World died long ago at war, they still guard this city and the entire Immortal End World in the form of souls, ' Austin thought to himself.


Far away from him, the fierce battle started with a loud clash.

The scene of such a high-level fight was terrifying, to say the least.

The area where the two great masters fought each other was filled with an incredible and fearsome amount of energy. The space within it collapsed, exploded and turned into nothingness.

Everything nearby, including all the living things, plants, and even space was completely shattered except for the soldier and Grand Leader Boomer.

Austin stood still on top of the city wall and observed the fight with the help of his spiritual sense.

He could clearly see the movements of both parties from his position.

Grand Leader Boomer had an alarming power. Oceans of black evil energy gushed out of his body and shattered a large area of space.

The stars in the center of the galaxy were also trembling as if in fear. They looked like they were about to fall due to the energy the grand leader had released.

Austin could do nothing but gasp in awe at the scene of the battle between the two super masters.

This was the most intense duel that Austin had witnessed in his life so far.

Both the soldier and Grand Leader Boomer could effortlessly destroy the stars or even a small world if they wanted to.

The shiny spear in the soldier's hand carried tremendous power.

Suddenly, it burst out a silver light which shocked the sky.

The soldier's fighting intention was evidently strong.


Then his body moved. He tore the void beside him and stepped forward. He vanished into thin air.

"I will kill you next time!" the soldier declared with vigor.

He was ready to fight. He raised his silver spear and the dark arm on it roared unhappily.

The soldier turned around and went back to the city wall with a stride.

Five giant blood energy dragons rushed from his back and returned to the palace in the city.

At the same time, thousands of soldiers' souls also came out of his body and melted into the corners of the ancient city.


The soldier's silver spear trembled and the arm was thrown into a huge square.

In the next second, the hand tried to soar into the sky.


An array worked. Numerous beams of light appeared and bound the hand, rendering it unable to move around.

All of it shocked Austin to his core.

It was unreal. He pinched himself just to make sure he did not dream everything.

'The soldier has cut off the arm of the grand leader of the Evil Abyss World!'

Austin was both surprised and pleased.

The soldier came back to the city wall, staring gloomily at the area where the grand leader had disappeared.

After a while, he started to feel the effects of the battle. He suddenly bent over and coughed heavily, tiny drops of blood sprinkling out of his mouth.

"Are you all right, sir?"

Austin was quite startled but was quick to assist him.

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