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   Chapter 2243 The Remaining Soul

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In an instant, Grand Leader Boomer arrived in the city.

His body was too tall. Standing in front of the city, he didn't look much shorter.

"Hum, it is indeed that city. I never expected that it could exist for such a long time,"

Grand Leader Boomer said coldly. His two dark eyes were locked on the soldier and Austin on the wall.

Above his body, there was a huge black dog head that radiated an endless evil aura.

The space around his body seemed to be constantly collapsing at a small scale because it could not withstand the invisible pressure emitted by him, and a great deal of space debris was flying in the air.

"The city will be here if I do not die! This city will protect the Immortal End World forever!"

On the city wall, the soldier shouted loudly. His fighting spirit was stronger than ever. He was seething with tremendous power.


Stupid creatures! Your world is full of weaklings! You do not know how weak you are and try to do something that is out of your reach!

I'll destroy this city today completely and then lead my army forward and ruin the Immortal End World!"

Grand Leader Boomer taunted and shook his head.


A giant black hand stretched out.

To be exact, it was actually a giant black claw. The pressure seemed to make the sun disappear in its shadow. The moon and the stars in the sky glowed and resonated with it. The whole world seemed to be trembling because of the claw.

Bang! It was heading for the city.

Obviously, Grand Leader Boomer looked down upon this ancient city.

That was reasonable. Grand Leader Boomer had such power that he could even fight against an immortal king. A city should be easy for him to fight and destroy.

What was more, there were only two weak human beings guarding the city.

Grand Leader Boomer thought he could destroy the city easily.


the soldier shouted. A strong fighting intention could be seen from him like the surging sea. In a split second, his fighting spirit spread throughout the whole city.


The sound of warriors roaring and fighting echoed from the entire city.

To Austin's surprise, the city wall was suddenly filled with illusory figures. They were all dressed in armors, some with spears in their hands, and some with long bows.


g loudly.

The soldier on the city wall rose into the sky, floating above the city.


Austin was startled as he looked at the soldier.

In midair, the soldier suddenly snarled, and the spear in his hand exploded with a blazing light that was as blinding as the sun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five blood dragons dashed out from the great palace in the inner city and charged toward the soldier.

The next moment, the soldier let out a more violent roar. It was followed by a turbulent tsunami-like energy wave that rushed in all directions and caused the mountains to collapse.

Austin was surprised to find that the soldier's body began to grow bigger.

Ten feet, twenty feet, thirty feet...

At last, the soldier turned into a giant, a hundred thousand feet high, with glinting spears in his hands.

The soldier's tall body was equal to Grand Leader Boomer's.


The giant soldier stepped forward. The air shook violently with each step he took, and the earth resonated with him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The soldier's thick spear lashed at Grand Leader Boomer.

All the black flashes from Grand Leader Boomer collapsed like fragile glass.


Interesting! It turns out there are several remnant souls of immortal kings guarding this city,"

Grand Leader Boomer, who was far away from the giant, said with a cold smile.

However, there was also a different trace of seriousness that was painted on the black dog's head. It seemed that he was not as disdainful and contemptuous as before.

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