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   Chapter 2241 Repair The Altar

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It was a palm attack and it seemed very simple. It was approaching without any fancy moves.

Austin could feel the energy fluctuations of the palm. It was actually at the same level of his current combat power.

It was quite obvious that the palm suppressed its strength deliberately and attacked Austin with the strength which was at the same level as him.

At the same time, Austin was able to feel that the seemingly simple palm contained all kinds of secret martial arts skills and a terrible law power.

He was baffled and did not know how to fight back.


Austin instantly decided to use all his skills to resist the attacks that were being hurled at him.

He continuously used the inherited secret skill of the red demonic mouse, the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship, the Dragon Formula, the Omnipotent Bodily Skill, and the Eighteen Arhat Formula. He combined them, which made his attacks more powerful.

He used all the powerful secret skills that he had mastered in his attempt to resist the attacks of the palm.

There was a fierce battle that was going on in the huge palace.

The five leaders took turns alternatively to attack Austin.

Fortunately, the five leaders did not attack Austin together. Every time one of them attacked, the other four would not budge in the middle.

When one of them stopped attacking, someone else would begin his assault.

Somehow in the end, Austin escaped from the huge palace. With disheveled hair and clothes, he stumbled here and there, with blood all over his body.

He was being attacked fervently and with each passing moment he was getting seriously injured.

The five leaders had lowered their power to be at the same level as Austin.

But Austin was still no match for any of them.

The martial arts cultivation and the mysterious martial arts skills all of them displayed were astounding. Their understanding of the laws of heaven and earth was far more powerful than Austin's.

"Hmm. This is indeed a great opportunity for me to train myself."

Although Austin was covered in blood, his eyes were bright with a gist of excitement.

He quickly took out some superior pills and swallowed them. Then, he sat cross-legged and began to heal himself.

An hour passed in this manner.

Having regained some part of his energy, Austin entered the palace again to fight against those men.

In the days that followed, he entered the palace to accept training and got injured again and

killful at each kind of martial arts skill.

It could be ascertained that at present Austin's combat power was at least ten times higher than his power a month ago!

Now finally the fierce battles lasted for more than half a day.

There were so many times when Austin was injured again and again and finally be thrown out of the palace by one of the five leaders.

But this time Austin was only slightly injured.


Austin was surprised to see that the soldier was waiting for him outside.

"Is the teleportation altar repaired?"

Austin asked. That was the matter he was most concerned about.

"Yes, I have already repaired it.

You can try it now,"

the soldier answered confidently.

"Really? That is great!"

Austin was overjoyed to hear that the altar had been repaired.

That was vital as it meant he could go back to the Immortal End World.

"Yes. But I have something to tell you.

You will be transported and you'll have to bring the news back. You need to let the Immortal End World prepare for the future in advance,"

said the soldier.

"Okay. Don't worry! I will send the news as soon as I get back. I promise!"

Austin answered giving him assurance.


A loud sound rang out.

It broke the silence and the solitude of the place as it echoed all around.

In the distance, a thick cloud of smoke rose up from the city wall.

"Oh no! It looks like some strong warriors of the Evil Abyss World are coming over this side!"

The soldier's face changed dramatically as he uttered those words. There was a sinister aura in the air which indicated the dangerous conditions waiting ahead.

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