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   Chapter 2237 The Breaking News

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9341

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The leader of the troop was humanoid all right, but he was unlike any human they had ever seen. Ten meters high, and covered with dense green scales, his body looked more ghostly than a human's, and his fingernails were long and sharp, shining with a cold light that gave the illusion of some sort of vampire.

He was giving off a strong sense of evil.

Here was an actual devil from the Evil Abyss World in front of them.


the leader roared in an inhuman voice. He extended his right hand, five sharp nails intertwined with each other, and a swarm of evil energy rolled out like a tsunami.


The silver spear rushed to fight against this demonic hand like lightning.

And the next moment, the leader let out yet another roar as a bloody hole appeared in his green hand, and his nails were all broken into pieces.


The silver spear hadn't lost all of its momentum yet. With another streak of cold light, it continued on its path and now aimed at the head of the devil itself!

The leader let out an angry and frightened scream. Knowing full well that the spear could match him, he hurried backwards as blood continued to pour from his bloody palm.

His blood was blue in color, and highly corrosive. As soon as it touched the ground, the stones lying there were instantly burnt to a cinder; his blood was full of a corrosive, burning evil energy.

"Go to hell!"

Suddenly, the soldier found himself surrounded by a strong murderous will. The cold spear pierced the leader of the Evil Abyss World once again.


A thick black fog spread out.

The leader must have cast some sort of evil skill since the fog seemed to be originating from him. He rushed up in the air and the fog now began to cover the sky.

Then, behind the leader, a muddy yellow river stretched out from the void. It seemed like a horrific shadow painting, so real, yet so unreal! The river was surging with furious waves and hundreds of evil spirits and demons were crying in the river.

Across the yellow river, there was a lone, stone bridge with the words "Memory Bridge" marking its entrance.

On the other side of the bridge, there stood a dark palace with the words "Hall of Darkness" written on the plaque besides the door.


The yellow river began gushing towards the soldier.

Evil spirits with ferocious faces were now creeping up from the mud and continuously lunged at the soldier, trying to drag him down.

Austin was horrified by this scene.

'Is this some kind of evil magical skill practiced by the devils of the Evil Abyss World?'

he thought with a chill running down his spine.

The energy system these evil demons practiced was very different from the energy system practiced by humans, as was to be expected.

Their magical

ned hands with the Evil Abyss World.

And since these demons had already figured out a way to break the seal, the danger was even more imminent.

If the leader was telling the truth, it meant that armies from the other regions were already on their way and preparing for their entry.

Austin and the soldier looked at each other and saw deep shock in each other's eyes.

"If you agree to surrender and submit to the Evil Abyss World, I will introduce you to our elders and even put in a good word for you to be a part of nobility.

You might have gathered that I come from a noble and pure family of my world; my great grandfather is a grand leader, and you know I am telling the truth.

Otherwise, how would I have found out such important secrets?

You can come back with me and become a member of the noblest clan of the Evil Abyss World. Come with me, and join me in endless honor,"

the leader eagerly proposed yet another deal. Now so close to his death, the leader was ready to use all sorts of skills, including evil, flattery, espionage, anything that could get him out of this jam.


As soon as he finished speaking, the silver spear suddenly went deep into his eyebrows and almost touched his spiritual soul.

"Cut the crap! If you don't want to die, then I suggest you start by

handing over the map in your hand!"

the soldier coldly warned him.

The leader was now so scared that his feet trembled and he almost fell down. But moving would have meant the spear piercing his Soul Sea.

His bloodline was noble. After enjoying such a high status in the Evil Abyss World, where he was always admired by other creatures and had a great future, he didn't want to die in this remote world like some common deserter.

"Alright, alright."

He brought out the parchment map with his trembling hands and handed it over.

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