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   Chapter 2236 The Horrifying Fighting Power Of The Soldier

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Finally, they were now near the area where the army of the Evil Abyss World had stayed.

"Sir, the people from the Evil Abyss World seem to be very powerful!

What should we do?"

Austin asked in a low voice.

With the help of his spiritual sense, Austin had a rough idea about the troops from the Evil Abyss World that were in the nearby regions.

Austin finds they were very powerful.

The leader who took the parchment map was even more terrifying. Evil energy emanated from him. Austin didn't know if it was a mere illusion that he also heard a faint roar around the guy.

Austin believed that the leader of the group was powerful enough to fight against those great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm in the Immortal End World.

He couldn't help but feel a little worried because what they were facing was a horrible powerful enemy.

So he was wondering if the soldier could deal with their situation.

The soldier also released his spiritual sense and slightly probed the situation after he heard Austin's words.

"Don't worry! They are just nobody. We can easily kill them," the soldier said confidently.

He had a domineering aura when he said those words, and the serious expression on his face was gone.

Austin was taken aback.

He could not believe what he just heard. The soldier considered their enemies as nobody, but that alien evil creature's leader from the Evil Abyss World was as powerful as a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm!

"Sir, the leader of the enemy seems to be very powerful,"

Austin reminded.

"It doesn't matter. Just go and fight with them. This is just a piece of cake. We can easily win this battle,"

the soldier said calmly.

Austin was not sure if the soldier just had too much self-confidence, but it seemed that he really thought that these troops nearby from the Evil Abyss World were just nobody. That was why he was so calm and was not bothered about them.

"Let's go!"

The sudden command stunned Austin. The soldier waved his hand and move towards the area that the troops from the Evil Abyss World occupied.


Austin was left with no choice but to follow the soldier. He was looking forward to seeing his real fighting ability.

He secretly tried to sense the soldier's strength for several times. However, every time his spiritual sense swept on him, he always felt that the soldier was like an abyss that was too deep to judge.

"Who are you?"

an evil creature shouted as soon as he spotted Austin and the soldier.

"Tell us your identity now!"

In a split second, Austin and th

ed the evil creatures brutally because they had been the sworn enemies of the whole Immortal End World since the ancient times.

Austin was dumbfounded and did not know what to say.

As he observed the soldier, he realized that his fighting ability was so terrifying.

Since the soldier was very powerful, and Austin didn't even need to give him a hand.

Austin finally understood why this soldier could guard the city alone.

He was really powerful enough to do so.

"Who on earth are you? Where are you from? Why did you kill the creatures in our world?"

The head of the troop from the Evil Abyss World was stunned by the soldier's sudden attack. He didn't expect that most of his men would be killed in such a short time.

Although he was very angry, he couldn't do anything because he was also afraid of the soldier's horrifying fighting power.

"I came from the Immortal End World!"

the soldier answered briefly.

"You! Member of the evil creatures. Go to hell!"

Then the soldier rushed at the head of the troop and tried to kill him.


You come from the Immortal End World!

As far as I know, the Immortal End World had sealed itself. It should be hidden in the isolated starry land and has no connection with outside worlds.

So how come there are warriors from the Immortal End World?"

The leader of the troop was shocked by the soldier's words.


The soldier answered the leader of the troop with the silver spear that was glittering with cold light and full of murderous will. It went through the space they were in and stabbed the leader's body.

It was an unexpected attack. The leader of the troop sensed the power of the silver spear, and his face changed dramatically.

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