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   Chapter 2232 The Last Soldier

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The soldier released a spiritual sense blow and Austin couldn't deflect it.

With his spiritual sense akin to the vast sea, Austin got drowned.

"Are you a creature from the Immortal End World ?"

the soldier asked hesitantly. He was situated on the wall, and without even blinking, he stared at Austin.

As he shifted his gaze towards him, his face lit up.

"Yes, sir. I'm from the Immortal End World,"

Austin responded.

"This world is already sealed. How did you, a cultivator at the Major-perfection Realm, get here?"

with his sharp and keen eyes, the soldier asked. Two beams of light flew out and pierced right through Austin, as if he wanted to see through his heart.

"I merely got here accidentally from the chaotic void,"

Austin answered, recounting the things he previously experienced.

"A large evil hand was sent to our world by a grand leader of the Evil Abyss World!"

The soldier was surprised after he heard Austin retold his tale.

"No wonder that I had no idea. It's simply a demonic hand.

If it's a full body of the grand leader of the Evil Abyss World that entered the Immortal End World, he would have passed through this city. That will surely catch my attention,"

the soldier muttered softly, unable to distinguish whether he talked to himself or to Austin.

On the other hand, Austin heard what the soldier murmured and was astounded with what he mentioned.

'If the grand leader of the Evil Abyss World wants to enter the Immortal End World, he has to pass through this city?

Is this city located in some border area of the Immortal End World?'

Austin thought to himself, unable to contain the astonishment and amazement to himself.

Either way, he was surprised that this place possessed that much importance.

Thinking that he might have returned to the Immortal End World, he got very excited and animated.

"Are you telling the truth? You didn't lie to me, did you?"

While Austin processed the whirlwind of emotions within him, the soldier on the wall broke the silence. His eyes remained sharp and hawk-like, and the tone of his voice suddenly became suspicious.

The soldier was wary of the people that came to the city because this place was extremely vital in keeping a large world protected.

Therefore, he should be cautious and alert to prevent the enemy's spies that dared to enter.

"Sir, everything that I said is true,"

Austin answered sincerely.

"If you want to trick me, it is impossible,"

the soldier grunted. As soon as he said so, a brilliant precious mirror appeared in his hand. The light it reflected fell on Austin, who stood against the wall.

Realizing that it might be a magic treas

he inner city.

It was quiet and still.

Apart from Austin and the soldier, it showed no signs of life in there.

Judging from what he previously saw, Austin could infer that this city had been through a lot battles. It had experienced a raging war, and it was almost worn out, with dried blood on the ground. The streets and buildings were also war-stricken.

The inner city felt lackluster and melancholic.

"In the past, a grand leader of the Evil Abyss World led a large army of the alien world to break in the outer city. They even managed to reach the inner city.

That fight was the toughest. Countless warriors had died for the sake of protecting the city.

It all ended when a few immortal kings made a ferocious fight, killing the grand leader of the Evil Abyss World in the inner city, repelling the army of the alien world so that the city was protected,"

the soldier somberly related, recounting the former experience of the city.

As he thought of the devastating battle, the soldier's eyes seemed to light up.


A grand leader of an Evil Abyss World was once killed here?!"

Austin exclaimed in disbelief.

He knew how terrifying these grand leaders were.

A grand leader only sent an avatar of his hand here and it caused chaos in the entire Immortal End World. The whole place was left in shambles. No one knew how many lands had been destroyed and how many creatures had been killed.

In this inner city, however, they managed to execute a grand leader of the Evil Abyss World.

Austin had a hard time wrapping his head around the thought.

'This city must have been prominent, unlike any other common cities!

It's only normal to think so since they managed to kill an Evil Abyss World grand leader here!' Austin told himself in amazement.

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