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   Chapter 2231 Who Are You

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As he stood on top of the black altar, Austin looked at the five-colored liquid for a short while and confirmed that the liquid was, indeed, a mixture of the blood of various creatures.

'This altar seems to have the power of teleportation.

Was this altar used to transfer someone to some other place?'

Austin thought to himself after perceiving the area for a few more minutes.

"Let me try it!"

Austin gritted his teeth and decided to find a way to activate the teleportation power of the altar.

Anyway, he was trapped in this chaotic void now, wandering around aimlessly with no particular destination or direction.

And no one knew how much time it would take him to find a way back to the Immortal End World.

In fact, if luck wasn't on his side at all, he could be lost in the endless chaotic void forever without a way of getting back.

And now that he had found that there was a teleportation altar here, of course, Austin would gather up all his courage and give it a try.

So Austin tried everything he could think of to activate the teleportation power on the altar.

However, no matter what he tried, none of them worked.

Then, just as he was about to give up, an extraordinary idea hit him. He gave a drop of his own blood into the pool, and the whole altar was activated in an instant.


The altar was shining, and there seemed to be a long line of savage auras from the past rushing over.

Then, all of a sudden, a teleportation force wrapped around Austin.

The next moment, Austin's figure flashed and he vanished into thin air.

"What is this place? A tomb area?"

Austin was shocked the moment he stopped and looked at his surroundings.

Austin found himself in a vast place with a serious and chilling aura.

The whole land was desolate and withered. It seemed lifeless in every way. To make it even eerier, hundreds and thousands of huge tombs were scattered all over the vast land.

"Go ahead and kill the intruder!"

Suddenly, Austin felt a boundless murderous intent rise from the huge tombs one by one like terrifying ripples. Moreover, he also heard faint sounds of shouting and killing as the blurred images gradually got clearer and clearer before him.

From the blurred images, Austin could make out that numerous creatures were engaged in a fierce ba

daze, Austin raised his head and looked at the city wall. It was cold and quiet there.

But amidst the eerie silence were some living creatures on the stairs of the gate.

To be more precise, there was merely one creature, a human being.

He was a soldier wearing armor and holding a cold spear!

His armor was very old and worn, and was full of bloodstains. Due to the passing of time, the blood on his armor had long become dry and dark.

Their armor was, in every way, worn out and shabby.

The soldier was very weak and seemed to have been badly injured. More than that, he seemed to have lost most of his blood essence, and was looking down towards the ground with a serious expression on his face.

Then, his gaze met Austin's eyes.

At that moment, both of them were shocked.

It seemed that neither of them had expected that they would run into another creature here!

"Who are you? Tell me your name!

This is a very important place in the border area. No trespassing is allowed!"

Soon, the soldier's body started to glow as his fighting spirit burst out -- brilliant and bright!

At that moment, he no longer looked like an old and disabled senior soldier, but a strong soldier with high fighting spirits.

This was solely because someone else had come to the seriously guarded land of the city and he had to perform his duty of defending the place.

Then Austin sensed a spooky spiritual sense sweep down the city wall and rush towards his body.

'How powerful the spiritual sense is!'

Austin was startled.

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